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    GPS Software - (83 companies)
    GPS software is used to program, manage, and monitor GPS receivers, radio-navigational devices that provide positional information for objects on Earth based on data transmitted by orbiting satellites. GPS, an acronym for global positioning system... Learn More
  • GPS Instruments and Devices-Image
    GPS Instruments and Devices - (345 companies)
    Global positioning system (GPS) instruments and GPS devices are radio-navigational devices that provide accurate position information about objects on Earth, based on information from orbiting satellites. Equipped with rubidium atomic clocks, 24 GPS... Learn More
  • GPS Chips and Modules-Image
    GPS Chips and Modules - (56 companies)
    GPS chips and modules compare signals from several geo-positioning satellites to determine position on the Earth's surface. GPS is an acronym for global positioning system. GPS modules compare signals from several geo-positioning satellites... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Time and Frequency Standards-Image
    Time and Frequency Standards - (35 companies) networks & telecommunications, observatories, utilities and navigation (GPS). Atomic clocks use the atomic resonant frequency of a gas or lasing medium as basis of it's timekeeping mechanism. Atomic are not radioactive. The signal used is derived from the electromagnetic... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Altimeters - (18 companies)
    Altimeters are instruments used to determine an object’s altitude above ground or sea level by interpreting measurements of atmospheric pressure, radar or GPS signals. Altimeters measure the device's altitude above ground or sea level to provide... Learn More
  • PCMCIA Cards and Accessories - (163 companies)
    ...of transporting and sharing files among digital cameras, PDAs, and notebook computers. Bus interfaces translate data from a PCMCIA bus to another type bus, or vice versa. PCMCIA cards and accessories include global positioning system (GPS) boards, input... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Total Stations, Theodolites, and Transits - (58 companies)
    ...measuring device (EDM) measures the distance from the instrument to its target. Theodolites and Transits are used to perform GPS surveying, engineering surveying, and topographic surveying. GPS surveying uses signals from GPS satellites to determine... Learn More
  • Mobile and Wireless Software - (174 companies)
    Mobile and wireless software is used to program and manage mobile and wireless devices such as cell phones, personal digital assistants (PDA), and global positioning systems (GPS). System administrations and information technology (IT) personnel use... Learn More
  • Mapping and Surveying Services - (1126 companies)
    ...and surveying services are staffed by professional engineers and licensed land surveyors who use tools and equipment such as global positioning (GPS) base stations and portable GPS radio high-frequency (HF) receivers. Mapping and surveying services also... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Network and Communication Chips - (407 companies)
    IEEE 1394 or FireWire (R) (Apple Computer), Microwire (R) (National Instruments), PanelBus, high-speed downlink packet access (HSDPA), inter-integrated circuit (I2)C, infrared data access (IrDA), global positioning system (GPS), general packet radio... Search by Specification | Learn More
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The OFW - 5800/GPS is a "Next Generation" Global Positioning System (GPS) Fiber Optic Antenna Link (FOAL) subsystem that is a designed to operate in the Naval shipboard environment. The OFW - 5800/GPS FOAL subsystem consists of four independent RF to Fiber antenna headend units, that can...

GPS Quick Course. Explaining how satellite position location technology and the GPS system has evolved, this book shows you the functional parts of GPS systems and how they work together to provide position measurements that are accurate to within centimeters. Books24x7...

Global positioning systems (GPS) use a satellite-based, global navigation system that consists of a constellation of 24 satellites in orbit 11,000 mi above the Earth, and a ground-based control segment. The GPS satellites transmit signals that are used for extremely accurate, three-dimensional...

...synchronization of multiple systems. Microsoft Word - GPS Time & Frequency Systems.doc. GPS Time and Frequency Systems. Introduction. For years, precise time and frequency has played many important roles in. commercial, military, and aerospace applications. Most of us are more. familiar...

Introduction to GPS: The Global Positioning System. Without bogging you down with advanced mathematics, this one-of-a-kind resource examines all aspects of the GPS, emphasizes GPS applications, examines the GPS signal structure, and covers the key types of measurement being utilized in the field...

The first leap second since late 2008 will be added to the official time scale on June 30, 2012. All Spectracom's 5 Series GSG simulators offer the easiest and most reliable leap second simulation for GPS receiver testing. This application note describes how the leap second data is transmitted...

Dam. Figure. ./45f4074b-467b-4dde-9e98-da0d20fa967a Dam Monitoring with 3D Tracker GPS. CASE STUDY. 30-SECOND SUMMARY: Libby Dam is a straight axis. concrete gravity dam on the Kootenai River approximately 17. miles upstream of Libby, Montana. The dam, constructed in. 1961, is part... expensive inefficiencies in sugar cane collection and transportation. Remote Communication with a Train via GPS | CAS. Data Loggers for All Applications. 1 - 800 - 956 - 4437. M-Th 8A-5:30P(EST). Fri 8A-4:30P(EST). Request Demo. Request Pricing. Newsletter Signup. Find a data logger...

Understanding GPS: Principles and Applications, Second Edition. Providing readers with a complete systems engineering treatment of GPS, this single-source reference provides a quick overview of GPS essentials, an in-depth examination of advanced technical topics, and a review of emerging trends...

In order to ensure interference-free operation, the impact on GPS reception due to nearby transmitters (TXs) should be considered during system design and integration....

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the first two tutorials, Introduction to GPS, Part 1 and Introduction to GPS, Part 2, where fundamental GPS principles are introduced and discussed.
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