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  • China Satellite Navigation Conference (CSNC) 2013 Proceedings
    Subframe 2 and subframe 3 of GPS L1C are separately encoded using rate 1/2 LDPC codes, as a result, there are 1,200 coded bits for subframe 2 and 548 coded bits for subframe 3 [2].
    If bit-synchronization occurs in the middle of a subframe , interleaving delays (explained later) the TTFF. • In GPS L5: The encoded data does not contain tail bits.
  • Encyclopedia of Space Science and Technology Online Complete Document
    … of 50 bits per second and consists of a set of 6-second subframes (ten 30-bit … The data encoded include the full ephemeris required to calculate the current satellite position, the satellite clock quadratic polynomial model and corrections to GPS time, almanac data used to position all the other satellites, and a hand-over-word for P/Y-code …
  • Optimizing GNSS navigation data message decoding in urban environment
    GPS L1C data message description. Subframe 1 is encoded by a BCH (Bose, Ray-Chaudhuri and Hocquenghem) code into 52 symbols.
  • A Software-Defined GPS and Galileo Receiver
    The first important issue is to determine the time when the current subframe was transmitted from the GPS satellite. Parity encoding equations .
  • Asynchronous Self-Localization of Sensor Networks with Large Clock Drift
    For ranging signals with coding, we can adapt a scheme used in the GPS code pseudorange, in which the satellite time that is kept in Z-count is embedded in every subframe of the navigation message and is broadcast from the satellite … … packet with a pre-defined structure but without time-stamp of TOm being encoded is sufficient for …
  • A data archive of GPS navigation messages
    Subframe words 3–10 encode the subframe -specific information (Misra and Enge 2002). As of this writing, GFZ has deployed 23 geodetic GPS receivers within its global 1 Hz ground …
  • China Satellite Navigation Conference (CSNC) 2014 Proceedings: Volume I
    … the GPS L1C signal modulated on the L1C\A RF carrier enhances interpretability between GPS and other GNSS … 49.2.1 CNAV-2 Navigation Message Frame Format and BCH (51, 8) Encoding CNAV-2 navigation message frame consist of three sub-frame, namely, first sub- frame 52 bit, second sub-frame 1,200 bit, third sub-frame 548 bit, 1,800 bit totally [3].
  • Global Positioning System: Theory and Applications, Volume I > Gps Satellite And Payload
    … b/s datastream arranged in 25 pages, each page containing 5 subframes, with each subframe containing 10 words … The naviga- tion datawords are encoded with (32, 24) Hamming parity providing single error correction and double … Dual-frequency transmission of ranging signals by the GPS satellite enables user equipment with dual-frequency capability …
  • A Terrestrial Positioning and Timing System (TPTS)
    … by various TPTS sites will be transmitted with different PRNs, with different data encoded in the various … … the mobile user; this would be similar to a small Doppler offset in GPS to help separate … … in time, corresponding to the beginning of the TPTS Signal Message Data Format Subframe (that will be …
  • Global Positioning System: Theory and Applications, Volume I > Gps Navigation Data
    Table 3 Parity encoding equations for each 30-bit word (from GPS -ICD-200)1 … is used to identify the last 2 bits of the previous word of the subframe ; Z)25, ..
  • Modern Transport Telematics
    … carry a new, modernized data format, which replaces the strategy of frame and subframes by a flexible … According to the satellite GPS block satellites broadcast one, two, three or four different data messages [4 … This message is half–rate forward error correction (FEC) encoded using a 7–bit convolutional encore to decrease the …
  • S/W based IF signal simulator prototyping for L1 C/A, L2C, and E1(B&C)
    The day and time of RINEX is converted to the GPS time, and the ephemeris data is … The ephemeris extracted from RINEX is converted to the binary type, which is encoded by the defined … Finally, the generated subframe is saved in file type.