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  • Digital Compass Reference Design with the SiRFstar2t GPS Chipset
    orbiting the earth. indoor navigation relies on statistical prediction of stride. length based on step rate (walking or running or stair-. AN219. stepping). This prediction is done when GPS is actively. Push data is location based content that you have. tracking the steps/strides per change in distance
  • Using PIC32 MCUs to Develop GSM/GPRS/GPS Solutions
    information. A. common application of M2M is fleet management,. where vehicle tracking is wirelessly transmitted to a. central monitoring office over cellular networks. Using PIC32 MCUs to Develop GSM/GPRS/GPS Solutions Application Note AN1373. Using PIC32 MCUs to Develop GSM/GPRS/GPS
  • Medical Device Link .
    The release of global positioning system (GPS) capabilities for automobiles has aided countless drivers in plotting a clear course to their destination, removing the uncertainty and frustration associated with getting lost. A GPS-inspired technology applied to medical devices could yield the same
  • Choosing RFID For Industrial Applications (.pdf)
    , or production tracking can be a confusing task these days. With all the information fl oating. around about HF (High Frequency), UHF (Ultra High Frequency), microwave and GPS based systems, and. whether to use active or passive based tags, it may seem like these systems can be used almost anywhere
  • Design A Load Sharing System Power Path Management with Microchip's Stand-Alone Li-Ion Battery Charger
    Batteries often serve as the main energy source for portable electronic devices. Although they depend on batteries, portable consumer electronic products, such as GPS and multi-media players, often consume energy directly from ac-dc wall adapter or accessory power adapter (or Auto Adapter) when
  • The Big Decision: Make or Buy?
    The market need has been identified, the business case has been justified, and the engineering team has determined that GPS (GNSS) receiver technology needs to be designed-in to provide tracking, location or timing functionality to the product in addressing the market and user requirement
  • Wired 7.06: Fetish
    , tells you by voice or shows you step by step on a bright color screen how to drive anywhere. GPS and inertial sensors monitor position, direction, and speed, while its guidance system offers the optimal path. If. Wired 7.06: Fetish. Print, email, or fax. this article for free. Fetish. By Paul
  • Medical Device Link .
    Drivers who have GPS systems in their cars know how easy it is to get used to the confidence of knowing where to go. They also realize that it would be difficult, if not impossible, for them to go back to using a paper map. Likewise, surgeons who have used highly accurate image-guidance or surgical

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