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  • Out of the Lab and Onto the Links
    New high-tech clubs and balls are designed to hit golfers' sweet spots Tight Lies ST drivers and fairway woods from Adams Golf feature shafts made of steel and graphite. Spalding's multilayer Strata Tour Ultimate consists of a concentrated tungsten core, high-acid ionomer mantle, and Zythane II
  • Rapid, Gentle Blending Maximizes Strength of Powder Metal Parts
    Nestled in the heart of the powder metal capital of the world, Allegheny Blending Technologies (ABT) specializes in custom blending of ferrous and non-ferrous powder metals that are sold to molders of powder metal parts. These blends of iron powder and additives (copper, nickel, graphite, manganese
  • Fast heat for fast food
    to 550 F. Use of the graphite heating element lets the press hit 550 F in less than three minutes. I can see clearly now! One use for graphite heating elements now under investigation is in automotive side rearview mirrors. Views from recent lab tests at EGC Enterprises Inc. show how small
  • ABT Online :: Advanced Battery Technology ::
    , absorbing and releasing 10 times more lithium ions than graphite electrodes. The development stems from the labs of
  • A new buckyball bounces into town
    graphite rods, turning them to soot. Nanomaterials are extracted from this soot. Buckminster fullerenes such as C are hollow molecules made of interlocking pentagons and hexagons of carbon atoms. They were discovered in 1985 after being produced in a lab and got their name for their resemblance to R
  • Rotary Batch Blenders Help DIP Get Pre-Mixes to Market Fast
    metals used in the most common formulations are copper (about 2%), which strengthens the iron, graphite (0.8% to 0.9%), to harden the blend, and an Acrowax lubricant (0.75%) that reduces friction of the iron particles during molding and acts as a mold release. Some blends use nickel instead of copper
  • Diamonds on Demand Science & Nature Smithsonian Magazine
    of graphite subjected to temperatures as high as 2,550 degrees Fahrenheit and pressures 55,000 times greater than that of earth's atmosphere. But the stones were small and impure. Only the grit was useful, mostly for industrial applications such as dental drills and hacksaw blades. Over the past
  • Aftermarket Aircraft Part Identification
    nor MoS2 present in the polyimide bushing material. Of the remaining three VespelTM grades, two contain graphite. Since the bushing was dark gray and the unfilled SP-1 resin grade has a yellow-brown coloration, the choice of resin narrowed to the two graphite containing materials: VespelTM SP-21