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  • Graphite
    Graphite, flake graphite, and graphitic carbon have a hexagonal, crystalline structure that cleave or shears easily, making graphite a soft material and effective lubricant. A form of carbon, graphite has an anisotropic hexagonal crystal structure. Graphite brush-material grades are used
  • Copper Graphite
    Copper graphite is a composite mixture of graphite and copper metal (~15 to 95%), resulting in a material with higher conductivity than pure graphite and lower friction or sticking than pure copper in sliding contact applications. Typically, the copper bonds the graphite together to form continuous
  • Basic Information on Graphite
    be synthesized. It has been known since ancient times and is mined in various regions of the world. Only through purification and refinement does graphite become a high-tech material. Synthetic graphites can be produced by various methods and from various basic substances.
  • EDM - The Graphite Grade Factor - 10/06
    place throughout every step of production. This begins in the selection of raw materials. Different sources for coal tar pitch and coke materials result in different final properties for the graphite that is produced. These raw materials are crushed and sieved numerous times to ensure
  • EDM - Sometimes Graphite Just Isn't Enough - 03/07
    work metals, such as tool steels, are easy to EDM with traditional graphite electrodes. Others are not. Because of their unique characteristics, questions continue to arise about effectively EDMing materials like Beryllium Copper, Titanium and Tungsten Carbide. Even though graph-ite electrodes do
  • High Performance Pyrolytic Graphite Heat Spreaders (.pdf)
    Pyroid (R) HT pyrolytic graphite has a thermal conductivity of 1700 W/m ºK in the x-y plane of the material (7 W/m ºK in the z plane), costs less than 250 times that of diamond produced by chemical vapor deposition (CVD), and has a modulus of elasticity much lower than diamond. The lower modulus
  • Using Pyroid Pyrolytic Graphite Tooling for Glass Industry - Bolting Pyrolytic Graphite with Fasteners
    Pyroid pyrolytic graphite is a man made specialized graphite manufactured by decomposition of a hydrocarbon gas at temperatures in excess of 2000o C in vacuum furnaces. The resultant material produced is an ultra-pure form of graphene but in a structured material that is near theoretical density
  • High pH Chemical Aging of Asbury 3393 Expandable Flake Graphite
    The purpose of this article is to describe the effects of boiling alkali solution (sodium hydroxide) on the expansion characteristics of 3393 expandable flake graphite. Any change in the expansion ratio of material treated by the method outlined below may indicate changes which could occur

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