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  • Basic Information on Graphite
    be synthesized. It has been known since ancient times and is mined in various regions of the world. Only through purification and refinement does graphite become a high-tech material. Synthetic graphites can be produced by various methods and from various basic substances.
  • EDM - Sometimes Graphite Just Isn't Enough - 03/07
    work metals, such as tool steels, are easy to EDM with traditional graphite electrodes. Others are not. Because of their unique characteristics, questions continue to arise about effectively EDMing materials like Beryllium Copper, Titanium and Tungsten Carbide. Even though graph-ite electrodes do
  • High pH Chemical Aging of Asbury 3393 Expandable Flake Graphite
    The purpose of this article is to describe the effects of boiling alkali solution (sodium hydroxide) on the expansion characteristics of 3393 expandable flake graphite. Any change in the expansion ratio of material treated by the method outlined below may indicate changes which could occur
  • Melting Silicon in Graphite Crucible for Material Testing (.pdf)
    A four turn helical coil is used to heat the crucible. The crucible is wrapped with a layer of insulation and placed into the coil.
  • Heat Aging of 3393 Expandable Graphite
    This technical article describes the effect of heat aging on the overall expansion ratio of expandable, which directly influences the fire retardation capacity of the intumescent material.
  • Pencils point way to novel nanocircuits
    Graphite, the material in pencils, could form the basis for a new class of nanoscale electronic devices. A proof-of-principle device made of graphene. Using thin layers of graphite called graphene, researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology and the Centre National de la Recherche
  • Nano-Structure Could Advance Li-ion Power Electrode Material May Lead To Safer Li-Ions Energizer Details Zinc Air Battery Plans
    using copper oxide (CuO), which could produce Li-ion batteries with 50% more capacity than conventional products. Graphite has been a popular material for cathodes in Li-ion batteries. However, graphite cathodes are also blamed for lost capacity due to their consumption of Li-ions, which are linked
  • U.S. Patents | May 2007 | A B T |
    flexible graphite material, Robert Angelo Mercuri, Jeremy Klug, Matthew George Getz, and Thomas William Weber, Advanced Energy Technology Inc. U.S. 7,186,352 (20070306), Microfluidic systems with embedded materials and structures and method thereof, Jeffrey D. Morse, Klint A. Rose, Mariam Maghribi

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