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  • Over MaB took for stock increase from Fledermäusennahmen for stock increase from Fledermäusen
    In underground Hohlraumen iiberwintern however quite regelmal3ig the species of the genera Myotis (lifting ears ") and Rhinolophus ( horseshoe noses ") as well as the knocking-off bat (Barbastella barbastellus, Abb. 4) it gray and brown long ear (Plecotus austriacus and P1... Exist Fiir letitgenannten types Uberwinterungsmoglichkeiten answering to mining areas of our home country only in the Hohlen- and.
  • Communications of the Viennese Mineralogischen society
    A stage yon Mo clamp country mountain shows earthy cinnabars yon high scharlaehroter color 15 cherigem brown iron ore in unregelm~iBigen Hohl-r~amen yon. ...approached in feinkSrnigem Marine yon alpine pasture Aden in Spain and dolomite yon gray in diehtem Idria... A series yon knitting erl ~ utert special types yon I d r i a: disrespectfully feinkSrnig...
  • ZCI57
    Specification Equivalents: G-2: ASTM Al59 (G4OOOd) SAE J431 (G4OOOd) General Characteristics: Conrinuousxast G-l and G-2 gray irons have excellent machinability. When possible to design using continuous cast stock shapes, patterns are eliminated and finish machined castings of... Forms Available: Solid rounds, hollow rounds, plates (up to 18 in. wide) are available in 72 in...
  • Glastechnische manufacture errors
    ...the brightness as total permeability of the glass by this thickness referred in a defined light manner . In [29] the information for American green and brown hollow glass is made. ...coloring sulfoferrite-ion also yellow to redly coloring low to higher Polysulfides and bloodlessly precipitating FeS can... ...component of the mixture on sulfur compounds and reducing agents influenced through the iron content of the...
  • Wood skills
    ...ridge 283 - plane 144-strip 454-groove 313-saw wood grobjähriges to 139 gray casting 244 gravity... - plane 123-cut 101 Historismus 385 plane / types 142-bank 146- iron 145-error 145-machine 194-knife 171-angle 142 steel hochlegierter to... ...dryers 67 maximum pressure method 407 height measure 343 hearing swells 423 hollow / chisels 147-kehlprofil...
  • Lightweight Iron and Steel Castings for Automotive Applications
    ...5 liter, compacted graphite, V-6 Calibra (20.4% weight reduction) Adam Opel AG's 1.6 liter, compacted graphite, Family I cylinder block (29.4' weight reduction after machining) Weight reductions of 10-25% compared to gray iron are anticipated when using... Crankshafts are typically machined from alloy steel billet stock (highest strength, highest cost), forged from microalloyed steel... ...weight savings (as much as 20.5 kg in V-10 applications) by hollowing -out main and...
  • Dictionary of the geology / Dictionary of Geology
    ...spath spar m spathic spatartig, spätig spathic iron ore siderite f, S pat ferrous stone m, Eisenspat... ...f of special knowledge, knowhow n, special knowledge n speciation Art formation f, type formation, f, Speziation... liquid cavity component m of specimen 1. ...m, selenite m of spectral analysis of spectral analysis f, spectrographic to pattern gray tone pattern n...
  • Mineralogy
    As so-called agate-almonds they fill cavities in some volcanic rocks. Moss agate: Has gray , moosähnlich subscribed dendritic inclusions. Particularly by agates it gives numerous game types burdened with imagination name. Occurrences and other as component of pebble woods, of chert of gebändertem ferrous stone (Jaspilit).
  • Introduction into the Archäometrie
    ...between "oxidischen" and sulfidischen ores extends off hardly completely so that the residual stocks of sulfidischen ores... ...Cu5FeS4), becomes fallow ores (Tennantit, Cu3AsS3-4, Tetraedrit, Cu3AsS3-4, with partly significant contents of silver and mercury) and other sulfosalts of copper (e.g., Enargit Cu3AsS4) through an intensive solution and creates for discharge of the iron in form of sulfates. Contemporary authors report also on the buttermilk ore that could be drawn as gray , liquid pulp with trowels from operation hollow spaces.
  • Function change in the region of the optical system.
    Digitalis: ,,etwas of Eingesehraubtes, Hollow " (taktil immediately recognized). ...The shape is correctly described hernd ann ~, given as material wood or iron , designation not m6glich. 1 ~ ot iz bu ch (sinisterly mi ~ dead Sehnitt): So a type swab, gr ~ ulich, gray br/iunlich on the edge " (taktil immediately recognized and correctly denoted).

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