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  • Generalized Arago-Fresnel laws: The EME-flow-line description
    Light from a green laser module (λ = 532.5 nm) was sent through a polarizing system consisting of a linear polarizer and a Babinet compensator (BC), which allowed the realization of arbitrary linear and elliptical polarizations (Figs. 1a and b).
  • Generalized Arago–Fresnel laws: the EME-flow-line description
    Light from a green laser module (λ = 532.5 μm) was sent through a polarizing system consisting of a linear polarizer and a Babinet compensator (BC), which allowed one to realize arbitrary linear and elliptical polarizations (Fig. 1).
  • Recent developments with a prototype fan-beam optical CT scanner
    First, the green HeNe laser , pair of linear polarizers, and line generating lens have all been replaced by a red laser diode module (LDM) with 60° line-creating head (λ = 635 nm, 3 mW, Edmund Optics; Boulder, CO, USA); the beam intensity …
  • 2013 Index IEEE Photonics Technology Letters Vol. 25
    … 1217 Gambini, S., see Sedighi, B., LPT Sept. 1, 2013 1715-1718 Gan, Q., see Liu, K., LPT July 1, 2013 1266-1269 Gan, Y., Lu, Y., Xu, Q., and Xu, C.-Q., Compact Integrated Green Laser Module for Watt-Level Display … … Suzuki, T., and Ohishi, Y., Tunable Brillouin- Erbium Comb Fiber Laser in a Linear Cavity With a …
  • Intelligent Technologies and Engineering Systems
    With the help of a 200 mW green light laser sheet module , the traces of the visualization particles could be recorded using a digital camera. Two different motor rotational speeds were examined; these speed corresponded to a linear belt velocity of 0 …
  • High-power distributed Bragg reflector lasers for green-light generation
    … remains constant for each bit period and the temperature variations of the DBR laser within each 20 … Figure 10 shows that the measured green -light power of a green-light module is reasonably linear to the differential phase between the DBR- and gain-section currents.
  • Fiber coupling of high-power diode laser stack for direct polycarbonate processing
    Characterization curves for the HPLD module : optical power (blue dots, linear regression in red), electro-optical efficiency ( green ), and voltage drop (blue) against applied current. 2.2 Fiber coupling of the diode laser beam .
  • Efficient green lasers for high-resolution scanning micro-projector displays
    The G-1000 module consists of the DBR laser , SIDM-based adaptive optics (with two lenses) and the SHG mounted in a linear configuration on a ceramic base, as shown in Fig. 4. … metal lid provides the enclosure with a glass filter window that transmits only green light while blocking …
  • Efficient green-light generation from waveguide crystal
    Fig. 4 Measured heat induced wavelength change against IR power for three different coupling efficiencies and three corresponding linear fits Conclusions: A high-efficiency method for SHG of green light from infrared pumping … … crystals using a DBR laser diode has been demonstrated. … the DBR laser diode and waveguide crystal, the setup can be integrated into a very compact module .
  • Q-switched diode-pumped Nd:YAG rod laser with output power of 420W at 532nm and 160W at 355nm
    We have developed a side-pumped Q-switched, dual rod Nd:YAG laser system to address the growing need for high power infrared, green and UV power for flat panel and solar-cell processing as well as for lithography. Each gain module consists of a 169 mm long Nd:YAG rod, that is pumped by six linear arrays with 5 bars each.

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