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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
REF505RI Tequipment.Net General Not Provided REFRACTIVE INDEX 1.3330 TO 1.3840 FOR CUTTING & GRINDING FLUIDS WITH ATC

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  • Water-soluble Fluids and Emulsion Fluids
    (i.e., metal cutting fluids and grinding coolants).
  • Non-Foaming and Low-Foaming Fluids
    Low-foaming and non-foaming fluids  produce only small amounts of foam, or do not produce foam at all. Non-foaming characteristics are achieved through the use of additives that break out entrained air. Leaks can introduce air into systems for circulating hydraulic fluid, thermal oil, or grinding
  • Metal Working Fluid
    , grinding, lapping, and honing operations. Metal forming fluids are used in stamping, forging, drawing, coining, rolling, piercing, cold heading, and wire/bar/rod drawing operations as well. Metal protecting fluids are used primarily for fingerprint displacing and indoor/outdoor storage. Drawing
  • Metalworking Fluid Terms
    /grinding wheel life, rancidity, and corrosion.
  • Medical Device Link .
    lead to a sudden decline in the manufacturer�s financial health. Medical devices in general need to be free of contaminants to ensure that surface treatment and sterilization processes are not compromised. Metal debris, polishing compounds, grinding fluids, and other contaminants introduced
  • Chlorine and MWF: Issues and Answers
    under the influence of (extreme) heat and pressure near the cutting or grinding zone, to form a solid lubricant film between the ferrous work piece and the tool.
  • Foam Control
    fluid product, the quality of the water used for mixing, and the degree of agitation in the system. There are two foams: unstable and stable. Unstable foam consists of large bubbles which "break" quickly and seldom causes problems in cutting or grinding operations. Stable foam consists of small
  • Lead (Pb):In the Metalworking Environment
    or grinding lead containing metals, melting pure lead, molding, soldering, removal or encapsulation of lead and/or lead containing compounds. There have even been cases where lead babbits have fallen into a metal removal fluid sump or system leading to significant buildup of lead content

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