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  • ShotWatch by Grip & Rip Technology
    is a user-friendly, lightweight, and affordable device that is worn like a wristwatch during practice driving range sessions to help golfers develop swing consistency through instant feedback and muscle memory training. There are three key elements that ShotWatch records: swing speed, grip pressure
  • Comparison of Grip Forces
    Accurate grip measurements are extremely important for development of ergonomically sound products. Achieving reliable grip measurements was a difficult task, until now. Tekscan's Grip system provides detailed pressure profiles, forces and graphical analysis displays for various grip applications
  • Maintaining a Tight Grip
    Throughout its entire lifespan, a bolt is in constant battle against settlement, relaxation and creep, with the slightest loosening or slackening having potentially devastating results. Maintaining a tight grip - Nord-Lock. English. 简体中文 (Chinese, Simplified). Dansk (Danish). Nederlands (Dutch
  • Evaluating Grip Force for Product & Ergonomic Design
    Design a more comfortable and easier to use product by evaluating grip forces and pressures.
  • Smart Load Sensing Solution for Grip Applications
    Accurate grip measurement has become increasingly important in today's world of continued ergonomic improvement. Historically, there have been limitations with grip measurement. Load cells are expensive and bulky; pressure films relay only relative measurements reflecting the maximum pressure
  • 5-Axis Machining: Getting a Grip on the Accuracy of Rotary Axes (.pdf)
    . untitled Machine Tool. October 2009. Did You Know... 5-Axis Machining: Getting a Grip. on the Accuracy of Rotary Axes. …that multiple HEIDENHAIN components. and systems, including HEIDENHAIN’s. iTNC 530 contouring control, are critical. components of innovative ultra-precise. Understanding
  • 55 Gallon Drums
    with 780 lbs. payload capacity, 55" of vertical lift and 330 degrees main post rotation. ? Operators' Controls: Twist metering control, push button grip/release with pitch up/down spring counterbalanced - extended "T" band operators' control station. ? Thick, pliable grip pads. ? Adjustable grip pressure
  • New Pressure Tester Helps Fine-Tune Irrigation Systems
    way to determine whether a system is working properly or is plugged. ". The squeezer works somewhat like a clothespin. Says Kincaid, "First you grip the handles, then adjust them until the two small metal plates the jaws fit around the drip tape. Then, you tighten the small wing nut to compress

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