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  • Comparison of Grip Forces
    Accurate grip measurements are extremely important for development of ergonomically sound products. Achieving reliable grip measurements was a difficult task, until now. Tekscan's Grip system provides detailed pressure profiles, forces and graphical analysis displays for various grip applications
  • ShotWatch by Grip & Rip Technology
    , and tempo. The FlexiForce sensor is the key to the grip pressure component; as grip on the club tightens, wrist pressure increases. Thanks to its small physical size, paper-thinness, and low cost, the FlexiForce sensor provides the non-intrusive force measurement capability needed to complete the device
  • Smart Load Sensing Solution for Grip Applications
    Accurate grip measurement has become increasingly important in today's world of continued ergonomic improvement. Historically, there have been limitations with grip measurement. Load cells are expensive and bulky; pressure films relay only relative measurements reflecting the maximum pressure
  • 5-Axis Machining: Getting a Grip on the Accuracy of Rotary Axes (.pdf)
    challenges to accuracy and being able to judge measurement concepts. waterjet cutting machines? Because an. ultra high-pressure waterjet machine’s. help in gaining an insight into measuring technology and machine tools. That can be. ability to erode and cut through stone or. important, for example, when
  • New Pressure Tester Helps Fine-Tune Irrigation Systems
    No. 10/060,467, "Fluid Pressure Measurement by Mechanical Compression of Tubing, " contact Dennis C. Kincaid, USDA-ARS Northwest Irrigation and Soils Research Laboratory, 3793 N., 3600 E., Kimberly, ID 83341; phone (208) 423-6503, fax (208) 423-6555. "New Pressure Tester Helps Fine-Tune Irrigation
  • Medical Device Link .
    smaller than that occupied by standard dispensers of the type. The system additionally features slotted side panels for mounting accessories. It can be fitted with options such as a flexible task light, a 1.7 x magnifier, a flexible syringe-barrel holder, and an ergonomically designed barrel grip
  • Medical Device Link .
    in anastomosis procedures, and for tissue-clamping instruments. Other potential uses include drug-delivery products, irrigation systems, pressure-measurement devices, IV force-sensing systems, and rehabilitation equipment. For more information, contact Measurement Specialties, 1000 Lucas Way, Hampton
  • Metallurgy makes or breaks tube fittings
    of aggressive fluids and chemicals, and resist internal and external corrosion. The fittings grip and seal by compressing the nose of a ferrule into the tubing OD. High-quality compression fittings hold internal pressure without leaks or failure until the tubing fractures. And users can repeatedly

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