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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
151SA Allied Electronics, Inc. APEX TOOL GROUP Not Provided GRIPPING TWEEZERS;120MM;151SA;Erem
32BSA Allied Electronics, Inc. APEX TOOL GROUP Not Provided GRIPPING TWEEZERS;108MM;32BSA;Erem
32698 Digi-Key Wiha Tools PLIERS & CUTTERS 3PC VINYL GRIP
32898 Digi-Key Wiha Tools TOOL COMBE INSULATED 61PC W/GRIP
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  • Friction Cups, or Suction Cups with Gripping Patterns, Can Handle Higher Speeds, Quicker Stops, and Oily Parts
    and fast assembly lines crucial. And plants that can't keep up will quickly disappear. Metal fabrication often involves station-to-station handling of slippery, oily metal sheets or blanks. Suction cups are the most common tools used to handle and move such sheets. But as production speeds
  • Tools Optimize Process and Part Quality
    and. by many forms of contamination. Reductions in gripping. clamping into a single process. A retention knob with a. strength and deviations from centerline will lower tool per-. geometric reference datum is appended to the workholding. formance. All toolholders have a better chance of delivering
  • Medical Device Link . An Essential Tool in Quality Control
    applications, according to Vera Sabov, marketing manager at Mark-10 Corp. (Hicksville, NY, USA). The Model STB can be used to measure the torque in breakaway fasteners and valve operations and to calibrate torque tools. A universal gripping mechanism can accommodate a wide variety of irregularly shaped items
  • Truck Engine Flywheel
    Problem: Multiple parts to be handled. The dunnage and bell housing create clearance restrictions above, below and around the part. This leaves the face of the flywheel as the only exposed surface for gripping. The gripper cannot interfere with power tool access for driving in the attachment bolts
  • Abrasive Paper
    to let the operator accurately measure how far down the roll the tool was positioned before gripping. This allowed easy rotation by being on the center of the roll. Positech: Industry Solution Details. Sales: 800-831-6026. Service & Support: 888-688-0020. Products Browse By Product Type
  • Heavy Traffic
    ways of gripping parts. Cutting Tool Engineering, September 2011--Heavy Traffic. September 2011 / Volume 63 / Issue 9. Heavy Traffic. By Kip Hanson. High-density workholding can squeeze more productivity from your machining center. Courtesy of Mitee-Bite. Clamping multiple parts on a 5th axis
  • Pressure Sensor Application - Hydraulic Systems
    Most cranes, earthmovers and similar equipment are operated using hydraulic systems. In order to control the movement, holding, gripping or applied force, pressure sensors are utilized to monitor and provide pressure feedback to these systems. Using pressure sensors will also allow the operator
  • The Power to Fly: An Engineer's Life
    The Power to Fly: An Engineer's Life. In this gripping memoir, the author reveals unpublished details about the thinking behind major GE products, including the F404 engines that power the U.S. Navy s F/A-18 jets, F101 engines that were selected for the Air Force s B-1 bombers, and much more
  • Tension Testing of Metallic Materials (ASTM E8)
    types, the standard defines suitable geometries and dimensions, requiring specific gripping solutions that are critical to performing a successful test. The most common types of specimens are rectangular and round. Rectangular plate specimens have a reduced area section with a 1.5-inch width
  • Medical Device Link . Spotlight on Surface Treatment
    . These materials are combined to produce a new material with an extremely low coefficient of friction and other unique properties. They create a nonporous, nonstick, corrosion-resistant surface but can also be formulated to produce a gripping or nonslip surface. 1331 Rte. 1, Linden, NJ 07036. Ph: 908/862-6200

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