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Parts by Number for Ground Fault Breaker Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
QO225GFI Allied Electronics, Inc. SQUARE D Not Provided Circuit Breaker; Class A Ground Fault; 2-P; 25A; 120/240VAC-10k AIR; Common Trip
F204AC-25/0.03 Allied Electronics, Inc. ABB Not Provided Circuit Breaker; GFEP Ground Fault Equipment Protector; 4 Pole; AC; 25A; 30mA
F202AC-40/0.03 Allied Electronics, Inc. ABB Not Provided Circuit Breaker; GFEP Ground Fault Equipment Protection; 2 Pole; AC; 40A; 30mA
M9V14463 Allied Electronics, Inc. SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Not Provided Circuit Breaker; Ground Fault; Vigi C60; 4-P; 220-415 VAC; < DIN A; span>
F202AC-25/0.03 Allied Electronics, Inc. ABB Not Provided Circuit Breaker; GFEP Ground Fault Equipment Protection; 2 Pole; AC; 25A; 30mA
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  • WhitePaper-Ground-Fault Protection for Solar Applications
    Grid-connected commercial photovoltaic (PV) systems. are trending towards larger sizes, resulting in systems. with higher bus voltage and current levels. Problems. caused by ground faults are becoming a bigger concern. due to increased energy available at the point of fault;. arc-flash and shock
  • Ground-fault interrupters
    Ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs), also called earth leakage or residual-current circuit breakers, can sense leakage current to earth ground from live parts and interrupt the circuit automatically when leakage current exceeds a predetermined value. A core-balance protection device serves
  • Ground Bond or Ground Continuity Testing (.pdf)
    will this single strand or bundle of conductors handle the fault current. likely to be imposed on it? Many household time-delay fuses and/or circuit breakers can. handle a 200% current overload condition for up to two minutes; it is only logical that the. earth ground conductor on any product
  • Motor Protectors & Thermal Breakers & Thermistors
    Motors should have protection for themselves, the branch circuit, and the feeder line. Other protection, provided by fuses and circuit breakers, guards against fault conditions caused by short circuits or grounds and overcurrents exceeding locked-rotor values.
  • Fault Zone Analysis - Identifying Motor Defects Using the Rotor Fault Zone
    . There are two types of air gap faults,. power to the motor. The Stator Fault Zone focuses on. static and dynamic eccentricity. These faults are analyzed. the turn-to-turn insulation and internal coil con-. using Current Signature Analysis (CSA) and a modified. nections. The Air Gap Fault Zone refers
  • Arc Fault Detection Schemes for an Automotive 42 V Wire Harness (.pdf)
    and circuit breakers are. brakes, electric water pump, heated seats etc., for. not designed to clear such faults since the fault current,. improving passenger comfort and safety [1-3]. Whatever. I = Ifault, will be lower than the normal load current, IL, and. system voltage the future vehicles adopt
  • Identifying Motor Defects Through Fault Zone Analysis (.pdf)
    operator once said, "If a problem exists with a piece of equipment, and there is an electric cable within ten feet of it, then it must be an electrical problem!". Identifying Motor Defects Through. Fault Zone Analysis. By. Noah P. Bethel. ELECTRICAL
  • Secure Power with Next Generation SPDUs (.pdf)
    wiring cables to provide this extra electrical power. In a legacy configuration, all related wiring runs directly between the circuit breakers and electrical devices. As a result, the as much as 100 miles (161 km) of wiring in a commercial passenger aircraft can be vulnerable to ground and arc

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