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    Radar Systems and Products - (172 companies)
    ...traffic controllers to assist a pilot in heavy weather. Geo radar is special ground penetrating radar that is used to locate objects underground, including buried pipes or utility cables, underground storage tanks, hazardous waste drums... Learn More
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    Underground Locating Equipment - (46 companies)
    Underground locating equipment locates buried utility lines and infrastructure. This includes marker systems, fault detectors, ground penetrating radar, metal detectors, RF equipment, acoustic detectors, and beacon (sonde) devices. Underground... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Frequency Synthesizers-Image
    Frequency Synthesizers - (103 companies)
    Frequency synthesizers are electronic devices that generate frequencies by using a combination of other frequencies. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Geophysical Instruments-Image
    Geophysical Instruments - (100 companies)
    Geophysical instruments are used for geological study, including rock and soil mechanics, core analysis and surveys of the earth. Learn More
  • Environmental Testing and Analysis Services-Image
    Environmental Testing and Analysis Services - (961 companies)
    ...for the presence or absence of conditions that are in excess of EPA or state regulations. Testing may include ground penetrating radar, geophysical surveys, soil and/or ground water sampling, and chemical analysis. Field sampling. Companies provide field sampling... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Penetrants and Penetrating Oils - (90 companies)
    Penetrants and penetrating oils are low viscosity fluids used to free rusted or corroded nuts, bolts, fasteners, shafts, pulleys and other mechanical parts. Most penetrating fluids contain a low viscosity solvent or volatile vehicle. Penetrants... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Antenna Mounts - (25 companies)
    ...antennas should typically be mounted at the end of a bar in a bed, not in the middle; this increases stability and makes for lower ground losses. Clamps and clip and lip antenna mounts are also common options. Clamp-style antenna mounts are made... Learn More
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    Radar Absorbing Materials - (8 companies)
    Radar Absorbing Materials Information. Radar absorbing materials and structures are designed to absorb radar waves and convert them to heat. Because these radar waves are not returned, radar absorbing materials (RAM) and radar absorbing structures... Learn More
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    Ground Fault Relays - (34 companies)
    Ground fault relays protect electrical equipment from ground faults. A ground fault is an unintentional current path between a current-carrying conductor and a grounded surface. When a ground fault occurs, electric current may find a path to ground... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Satellites - (35 companies)
    ...of the Earth. Geostationary orbits allow ground-based antennas to be permanently aligned with a satellite for continuous communication, eliminating the need for satellite tracking. Satellites have various subsystems providing versatile functionality... Learn More

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Ground Penetrating Radar, 2nd Edition. This book provides a snapshot of the field of ground penetrating radar, and the inter-relationship between those topics in electromagnetism, soil science, geophysics and signal processing which form part of its design....

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Geophysicists at Ohio State University have found a new application for ground penetrating radar: detecting subsurface liquid hazardous waste. By changing the antenna configuration within a standard ground penetrating radar (GPR) device, they were able to detect deposits...

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Finding and removing buried land mines is becoming safer and easier, thanks to Ohio State University research involving ground penetrating radar. Recent advances to emerge from the university's efforts to develop anti-mine technology include two new radar antenna designs...

...and ground-penetrating radar. High-integration LCD panels eyed as cost saver The "highly integrated display " is emerging as a new design idea to salvage profits in an LCD monitor business facing both rapid growth and eroding prices. By folding electronics into LCD modules some vendors believe...

...for roofing moisture problems is considered to be the most effective method compared to other non-destructive methods available such as use of a moisture-meter and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). Those tests however, would compliment the results obtained from an infrared survey....

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