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  • ATLANTA Rack & Pinion Drives Featured in Motion Systems Design Magazine Article
    of the. achieved by using preloaded nuts. mounting accuracy of the rack. In. Rack and pinions can also achieve addition, for high-load applications,. precise positioning and repeatabil- rack and pinion drives can outper-. ity. By using hardened and ground form roller-pinion drives, as the lat-. tooth
  • Achieving Higher Linear Speeds with Soft Helical Racks on CNC Routers
    , or a hardened & ground helical rack. ATLANTA's wide range of standard rack & pinion drives allows for maximum design flexibility, so machine builders' requirements always get met. For more information on replacing Diametral Pitch (DP) rack & pinions, please follow this link.
  • Split-Pinion Ensures Precise Positioning on Material Feed Axis
    . The material feed axis had to be capable of high speed and acceleration, with high repeatability and no lost motion. ATLANTA's Solution. To drive the axis, a Preloaded Rack & Pinion Drive System was selected. The system was comprised of a helical hardened & ground (HPR) rack & split-pinion shaft
  • Helical Rack Speeds Part Removal on Injection Molding Robot
    was also quiet, even at the peak speed of six meters per second. To handle the high acceleration forces, reaching six times the rate of gravity (6g), the rack & pinion teeth were hardened and precision ground. By finding a drive solution that could handle the speeds and accelerations, the manufacturer
  • How to Use Ball Slides
    The Ball Slide is pre-built, pre-loaded and accurate over short repetitive strokes. Since the ball slide is based on rolling elements with contact on hardened and precision ground shafts, the life is predictable according to B-10 life calculations and is defined by travel length and loads applied
  • Gantry Machining of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic
    was needed that would provide precision positioning and repeatability. ATLANTA's Solution. To meet the customer's accuracy needs, ATLANTA offered an Ultra-Precise Rack & Pinion Drive, consisting of a helical hardened & ground (HPR) rack and split-pinion, driven by a reduced backlash Servo-Worm
  • 2001 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner
    The badging reads "Off-Road. " The big P265/70R16 tires and generous ground clearance strongly suggest "Off-Road. " But surprise -- the is 2WD. The compact pickup apparently targets a younger, hipper crowd wanting a capable-looking vehicle with lots of room. On that score, the Prerunner is spot
  • 2002 Pontiac Sunfire GT coupe -A compact with some zip
    that characterized our time with the car. The exterior on the coupe comes outfitted with a rear spoiler, fascias front and rear, and side moldings which combine to give the car an aggressive look. Buyers can get even more of a "look fast " appearance by adding an aerodynamic ground-effects package
  • Development And Geometry Of Bevel Gears
    the ratio of several they have little end thrust. parameters: Both spiral and Zerol gears can be cut on the same machines with the. same circular face-mill cutters or ground on the same grinding machines. z1 d1 sinδ1. i = –– = –– = ––––. (8-1). Both are produced with localized tooth contact which can

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