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25 Digi-Key 3M Cables, Wires - Management ELECTRICAL GROUND BRAID 1/2X15 F
25T-GB Digi-Key 3M Cables, Wires - Management GROUND BRAID .5"X25' W/O EYELETS
CRGRDSTRAP PLC Radwell Wiremold Panel Accessories, Wire Duct/Cable Runway FIELDMATE RUNWAY GROUND STRAP 8INCH LONG
GC102 PLC Radwell Crouse Hinds Panel Accessories, Terminal Blk/Strip Wiring Dev STRAP CLAMP FOR GROUNDING STRAP

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  • NexTek Coaxial Surge Arrestor Mounting and Grounding Guide
    by a wire. Panel / Bulkhead. panel surface. jumper or strap. Best grounding and. Better grounding. Good ground with a short wire. shielding. Easily installed with. Accomodates cable movement. Strain relief loop needed for. simple holes. Very easy installation. rigid cable. Cable should include
  • Wire Abrasion Protection
    Trim. Trim-Fast™. EMI/RFI Shielding & Thermal Management. Ground-Fast™ Grounding Systems. Shield-Fast™ EMI/RFI Shielding. Shield-Fast™ RF Absorber Materials. Shield-Fast™ Thermal Interface Materials. Protect-Fast™ Shield Expander. SERVICES. Linear Reel to Reel Polymer Coating. Custom Design
  • Principles of Dynamic Data Collection: Practical Advice for Any Level of DAS User (.pdf)
    NOT. connected. here. Sensor Cable. Sensor. TDAS G5. Isolated metal. Docking Station. G5. structure such. as a dummy. component. DAS Mounting Plate. Ground Strap. Trailing Cable Ground Wire. Earth. Principles of Dynamic Data Collection. Recommended Grounding. • All instrumented dummy. parts connected
  • Medical Device Link .
    , July, and November 1995, respectively). This article focuses on grounding. Perhaps no topic in electronics is as misunderstood as grounding, which usually evokes an image of a long braid snaking off to a ground post set into a concrete floor. As the following discussion makes clear, an earth ground
  • Medical Device Link .
    . Effectively, this means grounding the panel to the circuit board, at all four corners if possible. Most LCDs have a metal plate at the back of the panel as part of the frame. If a particular display does not, the designer will need to add one. A ground plane is necessary to keep emissions from coming
  • Medical Device Link .
    and interconnected by a 1-MA resistor. Two more ground connections are attached to wrist straps. The metal chamber does not contain any nonconductive parts--even the portholes, ionized-air inlet, and light hood are all constructed from dissipative materials. Any loss of active ions to the metal housing
  • Application Note: Best Practices for Servo Amplifier Wiring
    the ground between the filter and drive with a strap (rather than a wire) or to mount the filter on a grounded conductive surface (such as the paint-free surface of the enclosure so that there is a good high frequency connection from filter to ground). Motor Power Wiring. The addition of a common mode choke
  • Handling Precautions for Schottky Barrier Mixer and Detector Diodes
    discharging charge on self through diode. Use metal or conductive plastic bench tops and chair seats. Ground operator with. strap or use static eliminators, radioactive or ionized air type. Instruct operator in. handling precautions. Use of snow (expanded polystyrene) to hold diodes. Don’t use. Use
  • White Paper - Data Center Rack Systems Key to Business-Critical Continuity
    the process. A central. grounding point that connects to the building’s central ground should. also be used. Securing the racks. All racks should be either bayed (attached) together, bolted to the floor. or utilize an anti-tip device for safety purposes. Should a 19 inch piece of. equipment be partially

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