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  • Logic Comparators-Image
    Logic Comparators - (38 companies)
    ...integrated injection logic (I2L) and silicon on sapphire (SOS). Gunning with transceiver logic (GTL) and gunning with transceiver logic plus (GTLP) are also available. Packaging Options. Digital comparators are available in a variety of IC package types...
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    Complementary Outputs
  • Logic Dividers-Image
    Logic Dividers - (34 companies)
    ...are used in a variety of electronics applications as frequency synthesizers. In phased locked loops (PLLs), logic dividers receive input signals from voltage-controlled oscillators, divide signals by a division ratio, and send outputs to a phase comparator...
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  • Logic Encoders-Image
    Logic Encoders - (65 companies)
    ...for active operation and feature a range of operating temperatures. Some digital comparators are radiation-tolerant. Others provide protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD).Selecting logic encoders requires an analysis of logic families...
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  • Logic Gates-Image
    Logic Gates - (88 companies)
    Logic gates are electronic circuits that combine digital signals according to boolean algebra. Logic gates are circuits with electronically controlled switches that combine digital signals according to Boolean algebra. In binary math, bits have only...
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  • Levels-Image
    Levels - (212 companies)
    How to Select Levels. Levels are mechanical or electronic tools that measure the inclination of a surface relative to the earth's surface. Levels vary from simple mechanical devices to complex electronic sensors that digitally readout angular level...
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    Analog Comparators - (82 companies)
    ...voltage goes to one extreme to the other. In analog comparators, this is generally limited to just outside the +-10 volt limit to avoid any possible damage. Analog-to-digital conversion (ADC) is the method of using a comparator to determine whether...
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    Optical Comparators - (120 companies)
    Optical comparators are instruments that project a magnified image or profile of a part onto a screen for comparison to a standard overlay profile or scale. They are noncontact devices that function by producing magnified images of parts...
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    Dimensional Indicators and Comparators - (218 companies)
    ...movement of a precision spindle is amplified and displayed on a dial / analog amplifier, column, or digital display. Mechanical comparators have sophisticated, low friction mechanism, better discrimination (~0.00001"), and lower range (~+/- 0.0005...
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    RF Phase Detectors and Comparators - (39 companies)
    RF Phase Detectors and Comparators Information. RF phase detectors and comparators are circuits or instruments that provide a DC output voltage proportional to the difference in phase between two RF signals. They include local oscillator (LO), radio...
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    Digital Readouts - (153 companies)
    Digital readouts are specialized displays for position and dimension readings from inspection gages and linear scales, or rotary encoders on machine tools. Digital readouts have several common display characteristics. These include input axes, input...
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