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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
84528 PLC Radwell Euchner Not Provided GUARD SAFETY SWITCH INTERLOCK
66248802986-1 Carlton-Bates Company BANNER ENGINEERING Optical Interlock Switches Safety System Fiber Optic Interlock Switch Plastic, Polyethylene Jacket Fiber Loop Actuator Passive, Center Mounting
66248874783-1 Carlton-Bates Company BANNER ENGINEERING Optical Interlock Switches Safety System Fiber Optic Interlock Switch Plastic, PTFE-Coated Dual Active, Center Mounting
66248873266-1 Carlton-Bates Company BANNER ENGINEERING Optical Interlock Switches Safety System Fiber Optic Interlock Switch Plastic, PTFE-Coated Actuator Passive, Center Mounting
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  • Safety Interlocks Tutorial
    applications. Safety Interlocks > Introduction. Safety Interlocks: Lesson Intro. The interlock switch is a means of safeguarding that monitors the position of a guard or gate. An interlocked guard can be used to shut off power, control personnel access, and can prevent the machine from starting when
  • Safety Interlock Switch Selection, Installation, and Maintenance Guidelines
    a hinged guard, consideration of the use of a single piece hinged safety interlock switch is rec-. ommended. These highly tamper resistant, single piece locks typically eliminate key-to-mechanism align-. ment issues.  For hinged safety guards whose design is best suited for a two piece keyed interlock
  • Solenoid Latching Safety Interlock Applications
    achieved (11/22/2011) By Michael DeRosier. There are many devices commercially available now which employ newer technologies and have been designed to meet Control Category 4 without needing a second switch per guard. They usually offer a second integrated sensor and self diagnostics which also allow
  • Safeguarding Power Presses with Interlocked Barrier Guards (.pdf)
    of safety interlock. been targeted by the Occupational Safety and Health. switches designed to ensure circuit interruption whenev-. Administration (OSHA) for special enforcement empha-. er a guard is opened. sis. Specifically, OSHA has targeted industries with high. Movable Barrier Guard Interlocks
  • Medical Device Link .
    reports. The IQ test sheets describe: Tests of the installation of emergency stop, guard, and interlock features. Installation check with mechanical parts list. Wiring check verification. The deviation reports describe all deviations found during execution of the IQ protocol. This documentation
  • Free software designs better aluminum structures
    . A packaging-line guard system designed in the software includes doors that can be equipped with a safety interlock switch to ensure safe access.
  • Taking safety to the mat
    joining trim can go between two mats and accommodate both sets of cables from the mats. Pressure-sensitive safety mats can eliminate the need to manually open a guard or activate a safety switch. The elimination of these activities also helps to improve machine productivity by integrating safety
  • Tampering: a hot topic of machine safety
    introduced on the mar-.  The operator is informed about the operating con-. ket, whose different constructive features con-. dition of the safety equipment (e.g. interlock of the tribute to preventing the tampering of safety. safety guard closed). equipment. This includes for instance the con
  • Medical Device Link .
    technologies make possible the noninvasive monitoring of blood oxygen saturation and breath-by-breath carbon-dioxide levels, and the alerting of caregivers when patients might be in danger. Anesthesia machines have been improved to guard against use errors of the past, such as mistakenly turning off
  • Light Curtain Terminology
    . or interrupted and switched on again. Protected height: The protected height is a vertical. Transmitter (photoelectric): The light generating. area between the first and the last infrared light. member of a light curtain pair. Also called the. beam of an optoelectronic safety guard. (Not the. “emitter