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  • Selecting the Right Gun for Your Welding Application
    . water-cooled guns or torches must be addressed. In short, water-cooled torches have the capacity to run cooler and be lighter in weight, but the cost can be more than double that of an equivalent air-cooled gun with the same duty cycle.  . Selecting a high amperage gun when unnecessary may result
  • Rotary Systems Provides Rotary Unions for Next-Generation Navy Gun Cannon
    When a large Fortune 500 Defense company was looking to liquid cool a 30-foot gun barrel, they came to Rotary Systems. Rotary Systems designed a large two passage rotary union to provide fluid to cool the gun barrel during operation. Each gun system is capable of firing up to 10 rounds per minute
  • Tablet Coating: Optimizing Spray Gun Performance
    Tablet coating systems are designed and calibrated for specific applications. When there are changes to the application, you must re-evaluate the coating system, including its spray guns. This article describes how to evaluate spray gun performance and how to improve and maintain that performance
  • Wrapping It Up: Vortex Air Gun Aids in Aerospace Applications
    products. company capable of meeting this challenge. The Solution. Vaniglia chose Vortec because he was confident the. company possessed the engineering expertise to. meet the VIPER®’s need for cool air delivery. Vortec’s. Cold Air Gun 610 converts compressed air into. chilled air which conditions
  • Custom High Pressure Valve Optimized Paintball Gun Response Time and Reduced Cost
    connector. PaintballFront.pdf Humphrey's custom valve in the. paintball marker (gun) delivered. the higher pressure required for. a faster firing rate, and significantly. reduced manufacturing costs. 4. 1. 3. 1 Stainless steel barrel. 2 Unique grip. 2. 3 Humphrey high pressure. valve & circuit board
  • Cold Air Gun Improves Production Rates & Quality in Paper Production
    The process of turning 55". diameter parent rolls into a small enough size to be used. as paper towels and toilet paper involves rewinding as well. as cutting the paper. Given the difference in size between. the parent rolls and the finished product, the cutting. process is extensive and can
  • Thermal Imaging Camera Finds Robotic Weld Gun Problems
    n March of 2001 a GM production foreman asked J & R Thermography to find the source of a foul burning rubber odor. Upon scanning the area with a thermal imaging camera, the team discovered a 500 MCM air cooled ribbon (ribbon 1) that was dangerously overheated. Figure 1 shows the original thermal
  • High Temperatures Spell Trouble for Air Dryers
    - if you can’t leave your hand on the inlet piping for more than a few seconds, it’s too hot. Scanning the inlet pipe with an infrared temperature gun revealed that the inlet air temperature was 118°F. Yet the dryer spec sheet showed that the unit was only designed for a maximum inlet temperature
  • IR Survey Pinpoints Air-Curtains Heat Distribution Problems and Slashes $34,000 from New Jersey Bulk Mail Center Utility Bill
    of retrofitting remaining fifty single speed aircurtains motors with VFD units. Utilizing FLIR 695 IR camera and Raytek temperature gun we found out that the existing single speed (1200 rpm ) air-curtains installed previously were unable to distribute adequate heat for our employees. In-fact, most our
  • Case Study: Turnkey Installation for New England Container Company
    Gerry DiSchino, President of New England Container Company, was under the gun to purchase an air pollution control system to clean up the VOCs emitted from a paint line at their Baltimore, MD steel drum recycling facility. He looked to NEC's environmental consultant Max Kurbjun of the STEP

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