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  • Comparison of Gypsum Dewatering Technologies at Flue Gas Desulfurization Plants (.pdf)
    Recovering gypsum from flue gas desulfurization (FGD) is becoming more important as the technical feasibility of substituting FGD gypsum for natural gypsum in traditional application such as wall board, cement and soil conditioners has been demonstrated. It is estimated that there are over 200 new
  • The use of alkenyl succinic
    of the earliest applications were in 100% secondary fibre board furnishes, particularly gypsum board mills where the converting properties of the board were enhanced by the use of this size. One of the main issues with the rosin/alum systems that were in common use at those times was the growing levels
  • Containment Technologies Group
    be as ledge free as possible. Window and door frames are to be constructed with double panes and flush frames. The ceiling shall be constructed of epoxy-coated gypsum board or in-laid panels. If the inlaid panel option is chosen, the panels must be impregnated with material that makes them impervious
  • Determination of Mercury (Hg) in Water by Hand-Held Portable Cold Vapor Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry
    moisture simultaneously, and can output the purity of the gypsum following the test, removing any calculation error by technicians conducting the analysis. Experimental. Sample Preparation – A 4’X4’ piece of 3/8” thick drywall was purchased for testing.  The board was cut into small 1” square segments
  • NFPA 285-2006 Approval for Wall Assemblies Using Foam Plastic Insulation (.pdf)
    285-2006 Figure A.4.4.8. (2-1/2 " thick max.). C-Channel. 5/8 " Type X. Figure 2: Limits of Flame Propagation (not to scale). Sheathing. Adjustable Veneer Tie. Exterior Gypsum. Sheathing (optional). 4 " Brick Veneer. 5 ft (1.52 m). 5 ft (1.52 m). Air Space. Lateral limits of. Slab-on-Grade. flame
  • Scale deposit problems
    with the lime solution, from the spray nozzles, to form Gypsum which settles out to cause scaling. Scale Deposits on Liquid Evaporators Fouling of the heat transfer surfaces is probably the major cause of reduced evaporator efficiency. Scaling may be a serious bottleneck to pulp production
  • Emissivity Tables for Infrared Thermometers
    ). 0.41. Emery Corundum. 176 (80). 0.86. Glass. Convex D. 212 (100). 0.8. Convex D. 600 (316). 0.8. Convex D. 932 (500). 0.76. Nonex. 212 (100). 0.82. Nonex. 600 (316). 0.82. Nonex. 932 (500). 0.78. Smooth. 32-200 (0-93). .92-.94. Granite. 70 (21). 0.45. Gravel. 100 (38). 0.28. Gypsum. 68 (20). .80