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  • Stainless Steel with a Tantalum Surface Alloy Resists H2S Corrosion in Aggressive Acid Environments
    Materials evaluation of titanium, Hastelloy and tantalum surface alloys in aggressive H2S acidizing environments
  • H2S Flow Panel System
    Natural gas producers are required to measure specific target gases. within their natural gas pipelines, including hydrogen sulfide (H2S). and carbon dioxide (CO2). H2S and CO2 can be found in natural gas. and cause pipeline corrosion. These gases must be monitored in the. event
  • Tantalum Surface Alloys Prevent Corrosion (.pdf)
    ,. acid (HI), and phosphoric acid (H3PO4) solutions. There-. sour gas (H2S) corrosion is problematic at elevated tem-. fore, materials had to function in high temperatures and. peratures and pressures. Tantaline materials provide the. pressures, as well as concentrated corrosive acids and. longest
  • Flow Meters in Hydraulic Fracturing
    This customer is building chemical injection trailers for the Baker Hughes AddFrac system. These are movable trailers that continually monitor and inject chemicals, such as corrosion inhibitors, biocides, and H2S inhibitors into the fracking fluid being pumped into the ground. These chemicals
  • Emission Control for Oil and Gas Plants
    corrosion by the acid gases and to handle the high organic loading with low oxygen levels. The gas at this facility is "sweet" and does not contain any H2S but precautions were taken to prevent carbonic acid attack due to the CO2.. In addition, Anguil provided a Class 1, Division 2, Group D control
  • Model FW304 Packaged Scrubber Controls Sewage Treatment Odors
    was specified. The 5000 cfm unit was constructed of Type II PVC for maximum corrosion resistance. It utilized a random dumped, high efficiency packing and mist eliminator. It was designed for 99% removal of H2S and test results reported efficiencies in excess of 99%. The system also reduced total odor
    ”). As a result, efficient design and operation of amine sweetening. units has become more critical. This paper considers the impact of acid gas loading on two properties which affect the efficient. operation of amine sweetening units: the heats of absorption for H2S and CO2, and the solubilities of. VOC
  • Fluid Catalytic Cracker (FCC) (.pdf)
    Composition: O. (LCO) or light olefins to meet different market demands. 2, N2, CO, H2, H2S, C1 to C5. Dust: None. Measurement Range: 1,600 to 1,800 kg/Nm3. GD-A-001. Product Recommendations. Analyzer: GD402 Gas Density Meter. Sensor: GD40 Gas Density Detector. * For additional

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