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  • Journal of Jet Propulsion > Technical Literature Digest
    Turbine Blade Temperatures and Comparison of Calculated With Observed Values for Two Stationary Air -Cooled Blades, by W. Byron Brown, Henry O. Slone, and Hadley T. Richards, NACA ...of Vis- cous Action in Latter Stages of a Multi- stage Axial-Flow Compressor , by William B...
  • Development of a High Performance Air Source Heat Pump for the US Market
    Hadley , A., Callahan, J. Strok, R. 2006. “ Without strip heat: In-situ monitoring of a multi- stage air source heat pump in the Pacific... Improving Heat Pump Performance via Compressor Capacity Control Analysis and Test�?, Ph.D. Dissertation, Massachusetts Institute of...
  • Field Demonstration of a High-Efficiency Packaged Rooftop Air Conditioning Unit at Fort Gordon, Augusta, GA
    In the case of stage-2 cooling (both compressors operating), the fixed energy use is now a... ...compared to the previous two plots because most of the sensitivity to entering air conditions is now... ...kind of cooling technology that rejects heat to more than one sink (see, e.g. Hadley 2000).
  • NASA Scientific and Technical Aerospace Reports
    Hadley , J Development of a Deployment Injury Surveillance System Using Medical Air Evacuation Data – 286 Aerodynamic Inner Workings of Circum- ferential Grooves in a Transonic Axial Compressor – 111 .
  • Scientific.Net: Materials Science
    Air Compressor Plate Drum’s Reliability Analysis Authors: Gernot Gruber, Markus Koch, Gregor Pobegen, Michael Nelhiebel, Peter Hadley .
  • Hydrogen Recovery by Methane Decomposition in a Microwave Plasma Reactor
    ...D. and Green S. , Analyses of the Integration of Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly, Compressor , Accumulator and Sabatier... 16 Wheeler R.R. Jr ., Hadley N.M. , Dahl R.W. ,Williams T.W. , Zavala D.B... ...J.T. and Luna B. , Development and Testing of a Microwave Powered Regenerable Air Purification Technology Demonstrator...
  • Solar Energy Fundamentals and Modeling Techniques
    ...annual elec- tricity demands increase while demands for other heating energy sources decline ( Hadley et al., 2006). ...been and will continue to be affected by climate change, in part because air -conditioning, which is... ...mean temperatures cou- pled with negative effects on line sag and gas pipeline compressor efficiency due to...
  • SERS internship Spring 1995 abstracts and research papers
    ...the comprising of this paper: J. Raymond Smith, Salvadpf Aceves, Don McMahon, Sandy Hadley , Alan Pasternick, and... '' S A F E T Y F E A T U R E S Air Bags Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) Door Locks Seatbelts Theft... ...Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) Battery Run Down Protection System Compressor Fuel Pump Steering Traction...
  • Fluid mechanics
    Hadley cell, 3 ...Herzstromung, 14 cardiac cycle, 13, 14, 387 high pressure area, 3 high pressure compressor , 25 high pressure... ...friction loss, 154 frictional resistance, 101 frictional resistance coefficient, 103, 140, 143 clean air supply, residue, 327...
  • Fluid mechanics
    Hadley cell 31, 48, 281 Hagen-Poiseuille-tube flow, 149 Hagen-Poiseuillesches law 53, 159 Hartmann-number, 411 main... ...flow, 16, 372, 439 cardiac cycle, 3 bonding condition, 15, 16, 413 high pressure area, 3 high pressure compressor , 27 high pressure turbine... ...99, 178 friction loss 99, 149 frictional resistance, frictional resistance coefficient, 136 clean air supply, 436 repulsiv...
  • Cold Climates Heat Pump Design Optimization
    Standard For Performance Rating Of Positive Displacement Refrigerant Compressors And Compressor Units, Air -Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute, Arlington, VA. Hadley , A., Callahan, J. Strok, R. 2006. “ .

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