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    Washers - (1208 companies)
    ...coatinginvolves zinc and aluminum flakes in a chromatic compound which is baked onto the washer. Standards. ASME B18.22M - This Standard covers general specification and dimensions for flat, round hole washers, both soft (as fabricated) and hardened... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Tubing - (2520 companies)
    Tubes are hollow cylinders used for fluid transport, structural applications, or electrical sheathing. They are usually cylindrical in shape, but may have round, rectangular, or square cross-sections. How to Select Tubing. Image Credit: ICO Rally... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Shoulder Screws - (81 companies)
    Shoulder screws, also called stripper bolts, are a type of machine screw with integral threads that are only present on half or less of the screw shank. A shoulder screw has a partially smooth shaft that will allow the bolted material some rotation... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Posts, Spacers, and Standoffs-Image
    Posts, Spacers, and Standoffs - (470 companies) A plastic, polycarbonate, or metal head. A series of washers and nuts are used to secure the wire to the board. Spacers. A spacer is used as a bushing or where an unthreaded rod or threaded screw needs to pass through. Spacers come in a variety... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Round Belt Pulleys - (64 companies)
    Round belt or pulleys are used in mechanical lifts and transmissions with o-rings, round belts, cables, ropes, or wires. Round belt pulleys are mechanical devices which transmit rotational motion around an axle. They are used to lift loads... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Nuts - (1340 companies)
    ...degrees of torque--can be used to secure nuts in position. Lock washers are another option for maintaining a nut's place on a bolt. Adhesive thread lockers may be suitable as well. Production. The video below (beginning at 3:15) depicts the production... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Round Belts and O-ring Belts - (77 companies)
    Round belts and o-ring belts are light-to-medium duty power transmission belts. They can be solid or hollow, and can easily be used in 3-D applications. Round belts and o-ring belts are light- to heavy-duty power transmission belts. These products... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Spring Washers - (148 companies)
    Spring washers, sometimes called disc springs, lend their mechanical capabilities to the unique profile of the material: the irregularities of the washer compress with a proportionate resistance to return to their predeflected shape. Spring washers... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Wave Washers - (62 companies)
    Washer. Video Credit: This is Mylife. Wave washers are one of several types of spring washers. They are defined by their wave-like appearance and their ability to bear a load as they are deflected in a linear range. Spring Washers. Spring washers... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Gaskets and Gasketing - (1405 companies) many different cross sections. Some more common cross-sections are round (solid and hollow), square or rectangular, channel, C-fold, D-section, L-section, P-section, knife-edge, and wedge. Sanitary gaskets are used in processing pipeline systems... Search by Specification | Learn More
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...and 12 cm, respectively. Maximum RF radiation from a slot will occur where the slot 's dimensions are a half-wavelength; slots of 15 cm will be an efficient radiator at 1 GHz and offer no screening attenuation (0 dB). If this frequency causes a problem emission, then this slot dimension should...

...will be the administration of low viscosity liquid penetration to the inner structure. The coating color window is smaller than in traditional coating application methods. Low viscosity and surface tension , as well as the abrasiveness of the color lead to a round pigment particle shape. The solids...

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  • A New Concept Thrust Washer for Gasoline & Diesel Engines
    This is a particularly important concern with half - round thrust washers because punching the part out of bimetal strip leaves a large amount of “skeleton scrap�? which must be disposed of.
    Eight such block wI)eels, having an inch and a half hole bored through the centre of each, strung on a round iron bar, with a w^ooden washer between the wheels, will make as cheap and convenient roller as any farmer can...
  • TRANSIT RTG. Final Report. Program Report Number 4.
    02-inch thick stainless washer with a 1/8-inch half - round cylinder in the center was used to evenly distribute loads from the wire to the post and aluminum disc.
  • ZASMHBA0003167
    Configurations can be further described as half round , full round, flanged, or washer .
  • ZASMHBA0002301
    A bearing may be an integral part of the equipment, but it is usually a separate component either in the form of a round bushing, a half bearing, a thrust washer , a flanged bearing (which can accommodate both radial and axial loads...

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