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  • The Hall Effect Gauss / Tesla Meter
    Magnetic fields are well defined in theory but do not behave so predictably in real life. Often the root cause for the failure of a design involving magnetic. Photo 1. Hall effect devices, or Hall generators, are made by attaching four electrical contacts to a thin square or rectangular plate
  • Reed Sensors vs. Hall Effect Sensors (.pdf)
    Since their introduction several years ago, the Hall effect sensor has captured the imagination of design engineers. Generally, it was thought that if it's in solid state that it's a more reliable approach, particularly when comparing it to electromechanical devices. However, several remarkably
  • Sensor Sense: Hall-effect current sensors
    feeds an electronic circuit that checks it for control or overload sensing. A new generation of small Hall-effect-based current sensors simplify the task. Hall-effect devices measure current via the intensity of the magnetic field generated by the current flow. Of course, higher currents produce
  • How to select Hall-effect sensors for brushless dc motors
    Brushless dc (BLDC) motors need to operate more efficiently as energy and cost. savings becomes a bigger concern for designers of electronic devices. One way to. help ensure greater efficiency is by selecting the correct bipolar latching Hall-effect sensor IC for electronic commutation in BLDC
  • First SOIC8-Packaged Hall-Effect Current Sensor With Integrated Current Path Introduced
    The newest current sensor family from Allegro MicroSystems, Inc., the ACS704, is the first SOIC8-packaged Hall-effect current sensor with the current path integrated into the package for greater sensitivity and accuracy. The newest current sensor family from , the ACS704, is the first
  • A Case Study: MR vs. Hall Effect for Position Sensing
    While both magnetoresistive and integrated Hall sensors measure the strength of magnetic field components, they do so in different ways and this can directly affect their successful use in a position sensing application. Choosing which of the two is a better fit for your application may require you
  • Applications for Hall Effect IC Switches in Portable Applications (.pdf)
    According to the Semiconductor Industry Association, consumer electronics became the largest user and primary driver of semiconductors in 2004 and continues to increase over the corporate market segment. In consumer electronics, portable products are the fastest growing area. With cell phones alone
  • Non-chopper-stabilized versus chopper-stabilized bipolor latching Hall-effect sensors
    Test results show significantly higher performance can be achieved using a quad hall element and proprietary programming without chopper stabilization.

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