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153611   elobau sensor technology, Inc. Hall Effect Proximity Sensors Over the last three decades, innovation, reliability, and flexibility have become elobau hallmarks. Today, elobau is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of non-contact sensor technology. In addition to a broad and continually expanding array of standard products, elobau offers customized...
103SR14A-2 Carlton-Bates Company Honeywell Sensing and Control Magnetoresistive Linear Position Sensors and Switches contact sensing products use versatile, reliable Hall-effect sensor ICs that are operated by a magnetic field and are designed to respond to alternating North and South Poles or to South Pole only. 103SR Series Hall-effect position sensors include digital unipolar, latching, and linear magnetic types...
HRS100SSAB090 Honeywell Sensing and Control Honeywell Sensing and Control Sensors - Rotary Position Sensors - Non-Contact, Hall-Effect Position Transducers HRS100 Series Hall-Effect Rotary Position Sensor with stainless steel shaft, 90 deg.rotation
HRS100SSAB180 Honeywell Sensing and Control Honeywell Sensing and Control Sensors - Rotary Position Sensors - Non-Contact, Hall-Effect Position Transducers HRS100 Series Hall-Effect Rotary Position Sensor with stainless steel shaft, 180 deg. rotation
1517206KD3 PLC Radwell Ge Security Sensors & Switches, Reed/Hall-Effect/Magnetic Sw SAFETY INTERLOCK SWITCH 6FT CABLE NON-CONTACT
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  • Current Sensor Info.
    Open Loop Operating Principle In a hall effect-based current sensor, the magnetic flux, proportional tothe primary current, is concentrated in gapped magnetic corecontaining the hall effect device (Fig. 1). The primary current ismeasured without electrical contact with the primary circuit
  • How to Select the Right Positioning Sensor Solution
    the ideal sensor for position-. measures the position of a target without mechanical. ing applications, it is important for manufacturers to know or electrical contact. Plus, for additional flexibility and. and understand the latest technology available and how it compatibility, sensors with RLC technology
  • How To Substantially Reduce Encoder Cost While Gaining Functionality With Multi-Turn Rotary Position Sensors (.pdf)
    of Solutions. These new sensors complement Novotechnik’s extensive family of contact and. non-contact, rotary and linear sensors that extends from miniature. potentiometers measuring as little as 13 mm for use in medical devices to rugged. position transducers designed for hydraulic, pneumatic and other
  • The World's Most Advanced Linear Variable Differential Transformer Signal Conditioner
    Analyzer. Gas Sensors. Geiger Counters. Geophones. Guided Wave Radar. Gyroscopes. Hall Effect Sensors. Heat Flux Sensors. Hydrogen Sensors. Hydrogen Sulfide Sensors. Hydrometers. Hydrophones. Hygrometers. Image Sensors. Inclinometers. Infrared Sensor. Infrared Thermometers. Leak Detection. Level
  • Magnetostrictive Position Transducers in Medical Applications
    . Application Examples. Figure 4 shows how a magnetostrictive linear position transducer can be mounted into a hospital bed for con-. trolling the bed adjustments. Previous versions have used contact or Hall Effect (magnetic) switches. When. using switches, manual adjustment of each switch point
  • Magnetic Alternative to Optical Encoding
    America Sensors & Encoders. Request a Custom Quote Call Us: 888-801-1422HomeAbout UsContact Us. Products. Magnetic Sensors. Magnetic Encoders. Targets. Flow Sensing. Hardware. Custom Molded Magnets. Technologies. Hall Effect. MR - Magento-Resistive. VR Variable-Reluctance. Reed Switch. Inductive. Motor
  • Mathematics of Electronic Motor Control
    . There are three common techniques used to control brushless motors, Hall-based (also known as 6-step commutation), sinusoidal commutation, and field oriented control. Of these, Hallbased is the simplest to implement, and requires the use of 3 Hall-effect or optical position sensors. As they are most
  • Earthquake Simulation Using Single or Dual-Axis Linear Motion Stages
    for the mounting of a larger, higher force linear. motor. The DR positioning stage incorporates the latest in linear motion technology: • Motors: Non-contact 3 phase brushless, low cogging, iron core linear motor,. commutated either sinusoidally or trapezoidally with Hall Effects. The. encapsulated

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