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  • An Integrated Fan Speed Control Solution Can Lower System Costs, Reduce Acoustic Noise, Power Consumption and Enhance System Reliability
    and the difference between. the chip temperature and the ambient tempera-. ture. While fans move volume of air, some PC. systems also require blowers to generate air. pressure. Fan. Hall Effect. Frame. Sensor. Center. Stator. Bearing. Coil. Permanent. Magnets. Fan Hub. Stator. Stator. Coil. Coil. Stator. Coil
  • Earthquake Simulation Using Single or Dual-Axis Linear Motion Stages
    (a destructive type of. earthquake), H2W uses three-phase brushless motors with Hall Effects guided by. linear ball bearings. In addition, accurately simulating the destructive forces of an earthquake requires. precise linear positioning. One-micron resolution linear encoders provide positional
  • A New Absolute Inductive Transducer for Brushless Servomotors
    . Servomotors. Electrical energy has to be supplied to the rotor to gener-. Commutation of AC and brushless DC servomotors can. ate its AC magnetic field. However, as the rotor must be. be done with Hall-effect sensors to switch current into the. able to rotate freely it is not possible to use wires
  • Human-Like Bipedal Walking Robot
    to reverse on impact, which causes a huge amount of torque on the motor. AMBER 2 uses maxon 's brushless motors for their high performance. The motors are electronically commutated, which enables them to offer extremely long motor life -- there are no mechanical brushes to wear out. Hall effect sensors