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Parts by Number for Hall Probe Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
GTN1A114 Powell Electronics, Inc. HONEYWELL Not Provided GTN Series Hall-Effect Gear-Tooth Sensor; 12 Vdc version; connector position 1; 83,5 mm probe length
GTN1A117 Powell Electronics, Inc. HONEYWELL Not Provided GTN Series Hall-Effect Gear-Tooth Sensor; 12 Vdc version; connector position 1; 125 mm probe length
GTN1A211 Powell Electronics, Inc. HONEYWELL Not Provided GTN Series Hall-Effect Gear-Tooth Sensor; 24 Vdc version; connector position 1; 40 mm probe length
21001489 PLC Radwell Magnetic Instrumentation Controls & Indicators, Control Software HALL PROBE
SR14N-C4 Honeywell Sensing and Control Honeywell Sensing and Control Sensors - Magnetic Sensors - 2nd Level Value-Added Hall-Effect Sensors SR14 Series Ratiometric Linear Sensor; probe socket
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  • Reed Sensors vs. Hall Effect Sensors (.pdf)
    Since their introduction several years ago, the Hall effect sensor has captured the imagination of design engineers. Generally, it was thought that if it's in solid state that it's a more reliable approach, particularly when comparing it to electromechanical devices. However, several remarkably
  • Medical Device Link .
    exclusively is known as giant magnetoresistance (GMR). GMR is one of a class of integrated magnetic sensing technologies that are sometimes called spintronics. This class includes --roughly in order of technological maturity --Hall effect sensing, anisotropic magnetoresistance, GMR, magnetic tunnel junctions
  • 120895-News_tips_at_Americ
    geologic structures near the surface than the location or the mechanism of the quake itself. (1) Study unveils a way to probe fault zones before a quake hits Thursday, December 14, 8:30 a.m.-noon Session S41A, poster #27 Moscone Center, Hall D Presenter: Justin Revenaugh (408) 459-3055
  • Magnetostrictive Position Transducers in Medical Applications
    . Application Examples. Figure 4 shows how a magnetostrictive linear position transducer can be mounted into a hospital bed for con-. trolling the bed adjustments. Previous versions have used contact or Hall Effect (magnetic) switches. When. using switches, manual adjustment of each switch point
  • A Basic Guide: How Feedback Encoder Devices Operate
    and guaranteeing that the process occurs correctly. These include: tachometer, Hall sensors, encoder, and resolver. Tachometer. Tachometers are rotating electromagnetic devices typically connected to a motor shaft, and when the tachometer shaft is rotated, it outputs a signal, ie output a voltage. The faster
  • The Need to Measure the Relative Humidity Temperature and Carbon Dioxide in Containers
    the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). defined the first internationally accepted dimensions for the. ISO container still in use today. In the year 2000, Malcolm McLean was awarded the title. “Man of the Century” by the International Maritime Hall of Fa-. me, just one of many awards for his
  • Measurement And Analysis Of Torsional Vibration
    (such as shaft encoders or hall-effect probes) because they only sense angular motion not radial motion. Adrian. Reply. 1513 days ago Ivo Dabelic. I red a published paper (some time ago) by Scientific Atlanta in which they were ademant about the run out compensation especialy when, for example
  • Medical Device Link .
    are CE marked and manufactured at an ISO 9001 registered facility. Hall effect sensor works as switch A Hall effect sensor from Micropac Industries Inc. functions as a switch that is activated by magnetic fields. In the presence of a sufficiently strong south pole field, the Mii P/N 65016 sensor turns

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