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Parts by Number for Hall Speed Sensors Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
PU-20EQUAD Global Industrial Dart Control Not Provided Hall-Effect Encoder / Speed Sensor 10 Ppr And Direction
PU-40E Global Industrial Dart Control Not Provided Hall-Effect Encoder / Speed Sensor 20 Ppr
PU-4E Global Industrial Dart Control Not Provided Hall-Effect Encoder / Speed Sensor 2 Ppr
MCP3911 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided . The MCP3911 is capable of interfacing a large variety of voltage and current sensors including shunts, current transformers, Rogowski coils and Hall effect sensors. Two Synchronous Sampling 16/24-bit Resolution Delta-Sigma A/D Converters. 94.5 dB SINAD, -106.5 dBc Total Harmonic Distortion (THD...
MTD6505 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided Drive, for high efficiency and low acoustic noise. Position Sensorless BLDC Drivers (No Hall-effect sensor required). Integrated Power Transistors. Supports 2V to 5.5V Power Supplies. Programming Resistor (RPROG) setting to fit motor constant (Km) range from 3.25 mV/Hz to 52 mV/Hz. Direction Control...
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  • How to select Hall-effect sensors for brushless dc motors
    uses three bipolar. latching Hall-effect sensors. Logic. circuit. Hall-effect. bipolar sensors. Command signal. Logic Power. V+. ac or dc. input. Power supply. There are several design characteristics that BLDC motor manufacturers should evaluate when. selecting a bipolar latching Hall-effect sensor
  • Magnetic Field Sensors as Speed Monitors
    "rudimentary" at the gear-wheel sensor up to high resolution with the 12 bit single turn speed sensor with bus connection. Comparison of basic data of magnetic sensors Magnetic field sensors as speed monitors. Magnetic field sensors are generally based on the magneto-resistive or Hall
  • Hall Sensor - Test Geartooth Sensing
    . Stock check. Username. Search Site. Sense movement 10,000 times per second. Sensing Solutions. Development Process. Applications. Case Studies. Sensor Inquiries. Standard Products. Sensors. Reed Switches. Reed Relays. RoHS Compliance. Technical Information. Reed Sensor. Hall Sensor. Reed Switch. Reed
  • Monitor Coal Feeder Conveyor Speeds for Precise Discharge
    The Electro-Sensors SA420 Signal Conditioner, 907XP Hall Effect Sensor and Split. Collar Pulser Wrap. can be used to modulate gravimetric conveyor shaft speed for precise coal discharge. ./e49c2ab7-7f3b-4255-97a7-e188669734db Reliable Products. SA420 Signal Conditioner. Trustworthy People
  • Motor Control Sensor Feedback Circuits
    to sense the current, position,. • Speed/position sensors. speed and direction of the rotating motor. Recent. - Quadrature encoder. advancements in sensor technology have improved. the accuracy and reliability of sensors, while reducing. - Hall efect tachometer. the cost. Many sensors are now
  • Magnetic Sensors and Timing Applications
    are: Variable reluctance (V/R) sensors with zero cross detection Single-element Hall effect sensors with zero cross detection Zero speed, differential Hall effect sensors with offset level detection Differential Hall effect sensors with dynamic peak detection Variable Reluctance A V/R sensor
  • Application Example For MSK4310 Speed Controller
    the pulse width of the TACH OUT. 8000 Shaft Revolutions per Minute. x (8 poles/2=4 electrical rotations per Revolution). x (2 Transitions per hall). x 3 halls. / 60 seconds per minute =. 3200 transitions per second (at full speed). Selection of the resistor and capacitor for the TACH R/C that determines
  • Sensor Technologies to Detect Pneumatic Cylinder Position - White Paper
    Switches. ?Hall Effect Sensors. ?AMR Magnetoresistive Sensors. ?GMR Giant Magnetoresistive Sensors. ./09afe6ef-cf47-4866-9890-73af20f21387 Sensor Technologies to Detect. Pneumatic Cylinder Position. Sensor Technologies to Detect Pneumatic Cylinder Position. In the field of automation, a very
  • Control Requirements for High-Precision, High-Speed Machining
    speed. limitation here. In older systems with 8-bit counters, this could be a real limitation; in our. system, this would yield a top speed of about 12 mm/sec. Electronic Sensor Interpolation. Increasingly, manufacturers of incremental sensors are turning to electronic interpolation. techniques
  • Ten Easy Things to Do with Magnetic Sensors
    slide by the sensor. This transition gives rise to very well controlled and repeatable actuation points. With modern Hall effect sensors and rare-earth magnets, actuation points can easily be controlled to a few thousandths of an inch. Ferrous Object Proximity. Attaching a magnet to the object