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  • Infrared Basics
    you want to avoid contact with the product surface?. 2. 0. Product Theory - Lamps. Q. Quartz Transmissivity. Q. Effect of Halogen Gas. Q. Quartz Lamp Performance. Q. Quartz Lamp Emission - By Wavelength Range. Q. Quartz Lamp Life. 2. 1. Quartz Transmissivity. Q. Crystalline quartz transmits short wave
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    . Power Requirements. Depending on the lamp selection, power requirements for the light source can vary widely. Filament (halogen) lamps require more power to provide the same luminous flux as a xenon lamp. Smaller filaments demand more power to produce an equivalent amount of light. Increased power
  • Machine Vision Sees the Food Contaminants We Can't See
    , a biomedical engineer, are building a prototype "multispectral imaging " apple-inspection system. It uses reflectance from apples illuminated by halogen lamps in the invisible near-infrared and visible color light bands, as well as fluorescence techniques. It also detects dirt, fly specks, fungi, rot
  • Near Infrared ( NIR ) Applications with Miniature Fiber Optic Spectrometers
    using a 600 µm fiber optic cable. improve profitability for recycling operations. The accessory has an integrated 30 watt halogen lamp. Several samples of each plastic type were measured,. with a platform on top to place samples for reflectance. each having different shapes and pigments (i.e.
  • Infrared Lighting
    subtle differences in surface temperature by detecting infrared radiation that’s emitted from an object. Infrared lighting systems do not require heat emissions from an object in order to see it. Traditional IR Lights. Traditionally, infrared lights combine an incandescent, halogen, or HID lamp
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    absorption band achieves optimal emission to match the spectrum of camphorquinone, a photoinitiator that is typically used in dental materials, with maximum absorption at 465 nm. Although LED curing lights have lower intensity than halogen lamps, their emitted blue light can be used more efficiently
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    to be extremely valuable because halogen lamp bulbs like any other lamp bulb degrade over time. They typically lose about 5% of initial light output in the first half hour of operation and another 2% over the remaining life of the bulb. Computer control of light levels allows for real-time compensation
  • Selecting a Flame Detector
    and good sensitivity at comparatively short ranges (0 – 50 ft). Because they are susceptible to arc welding, halogen lamps, and electrical discharges like. lightning, they tend to be sited indoors. Thick, sooty smoke can also cause failures due to. attenuation of the incident UV radiation. UV/IR Flame

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