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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
EXR PLC Radwell Sylvania Lighting, Incandescent Bulb LAMP PHOTO OPTIC HALOGEN 300W T3-1/2 PROJ LAMP
HB050WACL1 PLC Radwell Osram Sylvania Lighting, Halogen Light LAMP MERCURY SHORT ARC PHOTO OPTIC 37V 50W
HB050WACL1 PLC Radwell Osram Lighting, Halogen Light LAMP MERCURY SHORT ARC PHOTO OPTIC 37V 50W

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...using a 600 µm fiber optic cable. improve profitability for recycling operations. The accessory has an integrated 30 watt halogen lamp. Several samples of each plastic type were measured,. with a platform on top to place samples for reflectance. each having different shapes and pigments (i.e....

The MTI-2100 Fotonic Sensor System (Photo 1) consists of a mainframe signal processor/controller which accepts up to two fiber-optic probe plug-in modules. The plug-in modules incorporate a seven-position low-pass filter and a three-position high-pass filter for improved signal to noise ratio...

...that is used is mainly in the near-IR range, from 750 to 3000 nm. Common sources of such IR radiation include Nd:YAG lasers (1064 nm), diode lasers (808 nm and other frequencies), and xenon and quartz halogen lamps (from 300 to 4000 nm). The IR energy can be delivered to the weld zone using... glow and give off its own light. As it relates to fiber optic light sources, most lamps contain tungsten filament in Quartz Halogen envelope. Because the tungsten behaves similar to the theoretical black body, as it heats up, it begins to produce light. When the filament reaches 2927°C,or 5300°F...

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bulbs 12 volt 24 volt CANDLE CANDELABRA CHANDELIER light bulb CAPSULE Halogen Bulbs Base G4 G6,35 G9 Christmas Fairy Light Bulbs & Sets Compact

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Final ENERGY STAR Luminaires V1.1 Specification

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PHOTO OPTIC HALOGEN LAMP Photo/Projection Lamp Lamps - Photo & Projection » PHOTO OPTIC HALOGEN LAMP
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2627 datasheet and Application Note, Data Sheet, Circuit, PDF,...
First line: 5042 OSRAM halogen light infrared lamp Abstract: .. Photo-Optic Phone: 1-888-677-2627 Phone: 1-888-OSRAMCS Fax: 1-800-762-7192.

Medical Lamps & Bulbs | Page 15-20 | Quanta Technologies...
Specialty Replacement Lamp Voltage:14 Watts: 25 Amps:Photo Optic Halogen Specialty Replacement Lamp Voltage:120 Watts: 300 Amps:Photo Optic Halogen
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Page 5-20 | Quanta Technologies LLC
Specialty Replacement Lamp Voltage:240 Watts: 500 Amps:Photo Optic Halogen
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