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  • Spontaneous photo‐onycholysis
    A Waldmann 180 hand/foot UV-A irradiator was used as the source (output 52 mW/cmS emission spectrum 320-400 nm, maximum output 360 nm), and a Waldmann hand held UV -A meter as detector (maximum sensitivity 360 nm).
  • Amplitude and Phase Characterization of Ultrashort Laser Pulses
    This option is shown in Figure 7.7b using Newport’s 918 UV detector attached to the 1918-C hand held power meter, which is used for data acquisition.
  • Spinel: gaining momentum in optical applications
    In order to track changes in transparency resulting from different production protocols, we implemented a technique to record the relative transparency of the plates using a UV -VIS light source and a hand held one inch diameter detector .
  • A sensor array is the solution to the CBRNE problem
    The BAWS unit consisted of a base station, a sensor array composed of Tier I non-specific particle detector with dry filter samplers and a generic Tier III UV -Laser detector , a volumetric air liquid sampler, hand held assays, and a specific …
  • CR4 - Thread: Simple Hot Air Solar Collectors
    Many glazing companies have a hand held coating detectors or a window salesman might have a device that shines UV ,Visible and IR energy thru the glass and measures the transmission.
  • SensL present at Photonex | Optoelectronic Components | LEDs, Laser Diodes & Detectors | AP Technologies UK
    Recent developments in the technology include enhancing the UV response (down to 400nm) of the detectors and creating devices with pico-second rise times. The markets for such devices are broad – SensL is active in nuclear medicine (PET and Time of Flight PET, Mammography, Gamma-cameras); radiation detection (Homeland security, Cargo scanners, hand held radiation detectors and dosimetry); LiDAR (distance measurement, ranging) and the bio …
  • Metabolic and kinetic analysis of poly(3‐hydroxybutyrate) production by recombinant Escherichia coli
    Just prior to analysis by HPLC, the sample was defrosted by holding in the hand . Analysis was done using the HPLC system (SPD-10A UV detector at 254 nm, CTO- 10A temperature-controlled oven, Model LC-10AD pump unit with FCV-10AL flow control valve unit, and GT-102 degassing unit; Shimadzu) with CLASS LC-10 v1 …
  • CR4 - Thread: Welded Tanks, Leak Tests and API 650
    You may want to buy a drum of it and add an oil soluble UV fluorescing dye -like that used in A/C leak detector and transmission leak detector oils. Then the seams could be tested at night (much cooler) and the fluoresing dye leaks would be easy to see using a hand held UV light source.
  • Polarized Light and Polarization Vision in Animal Sciences
    … DRA may be a common adaptation of insects that are active at circumstances of very low light intensities, as opposed to day-active insects (e.g. honeybees, desert ants and flies) which predominantly use UV receptors as detectors for skylight polarization [see … However, the question is whether this argument also holds for cloudy conditions. On the one hand , detection of skylight may be more disadvantageous in the UV than in the …
    A photo-ionisation detector (PID) is a type of ion detector that uses ultraviolet light ( UV ) to They can be found in GC-MS systems, though hand held instruments employing .

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