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  • Medical Device Link .
    A compact and lightweight dispensing tool is an ergonomic alternative to hand syringes and other manual dispensing devices. The HP7x eliminates hand fatigue when applying small amounts of thick assembly fluids like silicones, epoxies, and medical-grade adhesives. By using controlled air pressure
  • Field Calibrations
    This system consists of a transfer standard turbine flowmeter, a metering run, and electronics that is mounted on a hand truck for mobility. The electronics provide instantaneous indication of the flowrate and flowing temperature, a total flow indicator, as well as an accumulative test total
  • MICRO:Product Technology News (Oct. '98, p.110)
    The sealed-chamber design of the Portable Clean Room maintains a positive-pressure nitrogen environment for more than three days to protect wafers in transit from molecular contaminants, oxygen, and particulates. Suitable for use with 200-mm wafers, the hand-carried microenvironment normally
  • Industrial Knive & Blade Manufacturing Data
    Hyde has the capacity to manufacture it products complete, within one facility. Hyde stocks a variety of steels. High carbon cutlery steel; high carbon chrome vanadium steel (1075, 1095); 4130 steel; tool steels (A2, D2); high speed steels (M1, M2, M4); stainless steels (440A, 440-C, 410, 420
  • Stamped Rings
    with a screwdriver or other hand tool. Self-locking rings do not require grooves. They are available for assemblies in which the fastener need not absorb any sizable thrust, but instead serves mainly as a positioning or locking device. Most stamped retaining rings are made of high-carbon spring steel
  • What Is a Go / NoGo Gage?
    spend many tedious hours finishing off a piece of work like a jewel, he still works under the same natural laws as the man with a boring tool. He must have some tolerance too. The generally-observed rule-of-thumb, which has some statistical reasoning behind it, is that the gages can have a total
    miniature hand extruder contains a plasticizing unit, hot-air blower, rod feed, and electronics in one package. The compact tool from the Swiss firm Leister Process Technologies and distributed in the U.S. by Uneco Systems Inc., Romeoville, Ill., requires no additional booster and weighs only 2.8 kg