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Parts by Number for Hand Tool Standard Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
HT213 Allied Electronics, Inc. NORTHERN TECHNOLOGIES CORP Not Provided tool,d-subminiature,hand crimp tool for 20-28 awg standard contacts(only)
63819-1300 Allied Electronics, Inc. MOLEX Not Provided Hand Crimp Tool for Standard .062 Pin and Socket Crimp Terminals, 18-24 AWG
M22520/1-01 Newark / element14 DANIELS Not Provided DANIELS - M22520/1-01 - HAND CRIMP TOOL FRAME; STANDARD ADJUSTABLE

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    or printed out in a format that satisfies both customers and ISO. standards. CONCLUSION. For more than a hundred years, hand tools provided quick and reliable measurement results for. machinists and manufacturers alike. However, as parts and products became more sophisticated,. the inherent errors
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    . In ESD control programs, standard test methods for product qualification and periodic evaluation of wrist straps, garments, ionizers, worksurfaces, grounding, flooring, shoes, static dissipative planar materials, shielding bags, packaging, electrical soldering/desoldering hand tools, and flooring
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    Manufacturing Co., Inc., Los Angeles, CA, the tool consists. of a resilient-based hone with abrasive laminated to the ends of high-density At this point, after boring, an operator places the casting on one of its. nylon filaments. At Copeland the hone is placed in a hand-held air tool and. machines
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    . ring wear. This system, he concludes, is one example of how Mercury. Marine’s engineering has been a standard setter in the outboard industry. Research Manufacturing Co., Inc., Los Angeles, CA, the tool consists of a. resilient-based hone with abrasive laminated to the ends of high-density. nylon
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