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Parts by Number for Handle Brush Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
RTL3068 Global Industrial Drive Medical Not Provided Drive Medical Extended Toilet Brush Rtl3068, 30"L Plastic Handle, White
568 Global Industrial Libman Company Not Provided Libman ® Commercial Long Handle Grill Brush - Red - No Scraper - 568
1698 Global Industrial American Metalcraft Inc. Not Provided Oven Brush, 60" Wood Handle, 10" Wide, Brass Bristles And Scraper - Min Qty 3
502574200 Global Industrial Krylon Products Group-Sherwin-Williams Not Provided Bestt Liebco ® 1-1/2" Weekender ® Trim Brush W/Kaiser Handle 502574200
36P502 Global Industrial Carlisle Sanitary Maintenance Not Provided White Synthetic Bristle Brush With Plastic Handle 17" - White - 36p502
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    durability. Not resistant to acids or alkalis. Used for buffing, cleaning, dusting, and finishing in a variety of bristle brush styles: floor sweeps, shoe shine brushes, tin handle acid brushes, counter dusters, and window brushes, excellent for ESD applications. Heat distortion temperature is 370 o F. OX
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