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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
203-200-BLACK Global Industrial Versacart Systems Inc Not Provided Black Plastic Basket 30 Liter With Black Plastic Grips Wire Handle
206-26L-WH-RED Global Industrial Versacart Systems Inc Not Provided Red Plastic Basket 26 Liter With Black Plastic Grips Wire Handle
206-26L-WH-BLUE Global Industrial Versacart Systems Inc Not Provided Blue Plastic Basket 26 Liter With Black Plastic Grips Wire Handle
57300 Global Industrial Allen Not Provided T-Handle Cushion-Grips Hex Keys, Allen 57300
58268 Global Industrial Allen Not Provided T-Handle Cushion-Grips Hex Keys, Allen 58268
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  • Friction Cups, or Suction Cups with Gripping Patterns, Can Handle Higher Speeds, Quicker Stops, and Oily Parts
    Getting a grip with suction cups Recent improvements to suction-cup designs have made them even more capable, especially for fast-operating machines that handle slippery parts. Companies in the highly automated metal-fabricating industries are going through tough times, making efficient production
  • Getting a (Gentle) Grip
    brittle graphite electrodes for blast furnaces. They're also beating corrosion in paper-making and handling machines and accurately positioning aerospace parts during adhesive bonding and riveting. And in many observatories, bladder clamps handle the delicate job of shuttling giant -- not to mention
  • Switches and the NEC
    any point on adjacent devices mounted in the same box. It dictates use of an isolating barrier in this case. The Code addresses switch accessibility as well. This part pertains mostly to circuit breakers and breakers used as switches. The center of the operating handle grip at its highest position
  • Rolls of Banding
    Problem: End-effector must handle large variations in roll diameters. The roll cannot withstand excessive grip force. The unit would need to handle over 5,000 in-lbs of off-center moment loading. Application: Picking up the outside of rolls from a mandrel and transferring them to a pallet. Rolls
  • Applied Force and Component Selection
    , push-pull knobs, and U-handles all work. But when choosing the right one, take into account how much force will be used (for more force, use a U-handle), and consider the ergonomics involved (for two-finger pulling, use a knob that allows for grip, is comfortable, and is non-slip, like our GN 76 mushroom
  • Support Plate & Molds
    Manipulator (R) (SAM P-96). Vertical travel controls are on an air counter balanced pivoting control handle. Left hand candy cane steering assist handle. Single push button to grip, dual push button to release safety circuitry. Custom designed pneumatic gripper end-effector with minimal grip jaw movement
  • Abrasive Paper
    to horizontal beneath a hoist. Restrictions: * Low over-head clearance. * Simple part rotation. * Handling a wide variety of parts. * Quick change of grip range safety. * Need to handle larger parts in future prevent damage to the parts. Solution: Large slide gripper tool was designed with dual
  • Medical Device Link .
    soft-touch elastomer material over a rigid plastic gives a device a pleasant feel for doctors or patients who handle it. More important, an elastomer outer layer also makes it easier to grip and hold on to a device covered with blood or some other fluid, notes Jim MacDonald, new business development

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  • Hand function disturbances in neurology
    This allows the human the precision handle between thumb and index finger.
  • Hand surgery
    The simplest peculiarity of "elementary griffin forms" the hook handle represents, that is possibly already executable with...
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    324 5.13.4 Translational technique for direct divergence mobilization 324 5.13.5 Translational technique to...
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    Activity / operations to the promotion of Spitzgriff and opposition.
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