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  • Smart Air Handler using ProMPT TM and the PIC18F2539
    In many heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) applications, air handler motors are either off, or on at full speed. However, by adding variable speed control to the air handler, significant energy savings over the standard on/off control can be realized, resulting in significantly
  • Problem Plungers in Handlers Create Static Charge, Cause Failure (.pdf)
    of the handler has the. potential for an electrostatic discharge (ESD). • No calibration required. event. The solution? Install a Nuclespot ionizer. Installing Nuclestat Ionizers with Delta Design Handlers. Mount Nuclestat P-2001 (10”) on underside of flap. Open Top Doors. with element facing
  • Nuclestat TM Ionizing Bars Help Improve Yields and Solve Static Problems in Electronic Handlers (.pdf)
    and Solve Static Problems in. Electronic Handlers. Installing Nuclestat Ionizers with Data Mark Testers. REAR VIEW. Air Ducts. Air Ports. Nuclestat Ionizer. P-2001. Ledge on Back. of Handler. Figure 1. SIDE VIEW. Air flow from Slots Seen Above. Component Feeder. Nuclestat P-2001. (end view). Figure 2
  • Surface Enhancements Eliminate ESD Damage During Operation of State-of-the-Art I.C. Handlers
    and performance of key Exatron handler components such as precision trackwork, main plates, extrusions, input & output mechanisms, rails and slides. All these metal surfaces are subjected to potentially severe friction from the constant action of plastic and ceramic I.C.s being run through testing cycles. Surface
  • Air spring key to robot handler
    Custom actuators, pneumatic clamps, and seal software are among the topics covered in the pneumatics reference guide. A robotic arm developed by Luzenac America relies on air springs to grip and handle bags of talc. Designing a robotic arm to handle 50-lb packages of talc powder was an engineer's
  • Apple Desktop Bus
    The purpose of this application note is to introduce a PIC16CXXX based ADB interface which can be used as a basis for the development of custom ADB devices. This application note describes; the hardware involved, a general purpose ADB protocol handler, and an example application task. The example
  • Alpha Ionization for Neutralizing Sensitive Components in Tight Confines
    Alpha ionization is an alternative to corona ionization and finds many applications in the fields of high technology electronics manufacturing and testing. It has balance voltage fine for Class 0 applications and can be used in tight spaces like a handler. It requires no cleaning and works well
  • Medical Device Link .
    lockrings. "Our innovation comes from approaching product development with a consumer mind-set, " says Jamie Handler, marketing support manager for Coloplast. The company, he adds, has spoken with hundreds of clinicians to learn what issues their. MDDI (MDEA XIII) - June 2002. Skip to : [Content