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  • Smart Computing Article - How To Install . . . A Hard Drive

    How To Install . . . A Hard Drive October 1999 Vol.7 Issue 10 Add To My Personal Library How To Install . . . A Hard Drive As you accumulate software, you may find your hard drive is running out of space. Today's feature-rich applications and massive operating systems, which are derisively termed

  • Hard-drive heroics

    As the dismal downturn affecting most semiconductor manufacturers and their suppliers takes on the dimensions of Greek tragedy, another part of the advanced microelectronics sector sees the makings of a happy ending. Although exhibit space grew at the recent Diskcon 98 trade show in San Jose, the

  • Smart Computing Article - Step 4: Hard Drive

    November 2000 Vol.8 Issue 11 Page(s) 93-95 in print issue Add To My Personal Library Creating partitions is easier than it sounds. With a startup diskette in place, boot the computer. When the machine boots, type in FDISK and press ENTER. Select the new drive from the choices you'll see. You'll

  • Smart Computing Article - H.323 standard to hard drive/hard disk/hard disk drive (HDD)

    Hackers have developed increasingly more sophisticated tools that let individuals with less technical acumen break into systems. Photo Courtesy Of Enterasys Networks, Inc. By definition, a hacker is simply an individual who solves a technical problem by "hacking " out a solution through computer

  • Smart Computing Article - Hard Drives

    October 2005 Vol.9 Issue 6 Page(s) 145-147 in print issue Add To My Personal Library Problem: It seems like my PC is not detecting my hard drive. Normally, hard drives and optical drives (such as CD or DVD drives) identify themselves to your system s BIOS (Basic Input/Output System

  • Smart Computing Article - Hard Drives

    November 2000 Vol.8 Issue 11 Page(s) 42-45 in print issue Add To My Personal Library Make Buying Sense Out Of Complex Factors The experts we interviewed for this article also pointed out other considerations users might want to think about when purchasing a hard drive. Seagate's John Paulsen

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  • Re: Strange Alternator Problem

    Maybe, maybe not. here is a schematic of a Typical Regulator IC I think the ignition switch position is somewhat not right. Pulling the alternator connector might actually be a better thing to do. This usually drives the idiot lamp and has (+12) from the ignition. My guess is that the field is dr...

  • Re: 35 kHz Oscillator

    Its a bit hard to see at that size but base drive for the transistors comes from windings off the output transformer. As the transformer is driven by either transistor its base will be driven by the approriate winding. The other winding will be oppsoite polarity and so the base is not broken down b...

  • Re: SMD PCB Softwares

    I have a preference for Altium, mainly because I started with Protel 98. I find that it doesn't matter which Ecad program you use you will need to invest a significant amount of time in familiarising yourself with its intricacies and foibles. Depending on how "intricate" your smd design is and whet...

  • Re: Need help on an Electric Go-Cart Project

    Plug would be fine -- that's the term from their schematic. ("Plug with speed-limiting resistor", "Plug without resistor") A jack, also the term from their schematic, is the thing that a plug goes into. (I am using an admirable amount of restraint not to suggest any analogy -- especially with 16 y...

  • Re: Linux Issues

    You have some good points about how we treat computers- think also of the imbedded systems in automobiles, etc. I remember the climate-controlled rooms, the delicate nature of early PC's, and yes, hardware has come a long way. By the way, I have very good luck with off-brand boxes- clones, if you...

  • Specifications of an ideal computer for engineers and industrial designers

    A computer to run CAE/CAD software can be already built with existing technologies, and should have some or all of the following characteristics: = Solid State Drive = No hard drive, just a solid card populated with an array of fast memory chips. The card should be divided in three se...

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Rugged computers- more than just 'hard shells'

computers are in high demand. Drop a normal computer and you will easily break the display or the hard drive. Drop a rugged computer and nothing will happen – at least it is highly unlikely that the device will break if it has passed all the relevant tests.  . All rugged mobile computers are tested to ensure they can survive falls as well as high-force impacts to the devices ’ casings. Drop tests are certified by independent test laboratories and performed in accordance...

Bayou City Bolt & Supply Co., Inc.
Standard and Hard to Find Fasteners

. Countersunk. Pop Rivets: Steel. Aluminum. Stainless. SCREWS. Drill Point Tek;. Pan. Hex. Wing. Sqaure Set. Thread Rolling (Rolok). Tamperproof; One Way, Internal & External Spanner. Tapping: Type A, AB, B. Thread Cutting; Type F, 23, D, 1. Thumb, Plain Pattern. Weather Guard (Construction Fasteners). Wood; Slotted & Phillips. U-Drive; Round Head. Dry Wall. Floor Board;. Slotted. Philips. Torx. Lag;. Hex & Square Machine;. Slotted. Phillips. Special Sems. Socket Set. Socket Jam. PIPE...

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics - Bearings and Tolerance Rings
Tolerance Rings Extend Life of Hard Disk Drives

. Resonance performance, torque ripple and manufacturing costs are being increasingly squeezed. RENCOL ® Tolerance Rings are ideal precision components within a hard disk drive, mounting the bearing assembly or bearing cartridge into the drive efficiently and at a cost-effective price. The customisable components significantly improve resonance and torque ripple performance while providing the ideal balance between high performance and efficient assembly. Constructed from premium grade...