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  • Determination of Water Hardness
    Originally the hardness of water was defined as the capacity of water for destroying the lather of soap. The hardness was determined by a titration with a standard soap solution. Metal ions including have the ability to cause hardness. However, today water hardness means the total calcium
  • Portable Hardness Test Technology for Assessing Titanium Weld Quality (.pdf)
    Portable hardness testing technology was developed in this project and was based on an oxygen equivalent (OE) database for CP titanium weld metals. The database was created by testing the properties of full penetration autogenous welds made from a number of heats and using different welding
  • Hardness of Bone Tissue
    driving forces for coating metal implants with calcium phosphate layers which improve their biocompatibility and osteoconductive properties. In a previous investigation [1] it has been demonstrated that when Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) is biomimetically coprecipitated with Ca2+ and PO4 3- ions upon
  • Rolling out complex metal parts
    Revolution. Cold rolling compresses and spreads metal bar or coil stock between a series of preshaped rollers. This improves the metal's mechanical properties. Of the two processes, cold rolling imparts better surface finishes and is more suited for simpler profiles with less-demanding tolerances
  • Superlative parts crowned at powder-metal competition
    Members of the Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF), Princeton, N.J., once again prove inventive powder-metal (P/M) parts can outperform their machined, stamped, cast, and forged counterparts. Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF), Princeton, N.J., once again prove inventive powder-metal
  • A2LA Guide for the Estimation of Uncertainty for Testing
    The purpose of measurement is to determine a value of a quantity of interest (the measurand). Examples of measurands include the boiling point of water under 1 atmosphere of pressure, or the Rockwell hardness of a metal specimen, or the tensile strength of a plastic compound, or the length
  • Stator Stakes Claim to Top Powder-Metal Prize
    system of a highperformance, double-overhead cam V6 engine. The sprockets are formed using warm compaction to a density of 7.25 gm/cm3. The 7.7-mm fine-pitch inverted sprocket teeth are compacted to a near-net shape and heat treated and tempered to a 70 HRA typical hardness. Each sprocket has a tensile
  • Bore Design
    Steel and cast iron are typically used for bore housings as they provide a good surface for accepting both metal and rubber O.D. seals. For soft metal, such as Aluminum, a rubber O.D. is recommended. There is no recommended Rockwell hardness for the bore. However, the bore should be of sufficient

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