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  • The Nuts and Bolts of Hardness Testing
    If you're not a hardness tester user, you're likely not even aware of these tools or what they do. However, these instruments, which measure the hardness of materials, have been around for more than a century. They not only determine whether your product is within specification, but they may also
  • Portable Hardness Testing Facts
    Impact style, however the "UCI " method of hardness testing is portable, easy and accurate. It also has its own advantages when utilized for certain testing applications. UCI testers are not restricted to large mass items like dynamic type testers. These units can test metals as thin as 1mm
  • FAQs For Hardness Testers
    Shows. Company News. Products & Services. Hardness Testers. Universal Testers. Sensors. Grips & Fixtures. Software. Upgrades. Service & Calibration. Specialized Testers. Pre-Owned. Applications. Metals. Elastomers. Construction. Food. Textiles. Miscellaneous. Contacts. Customer Support. United
  • What Are Refractory Metals?
    in your tank. Piping of refractory metal alloys helped process it. And your oil may contain a refractory metal compound to increase its lubricating ability. 821rmabooklet.PDF What Are Refractory Metals?. Refractory metals are different. As a group they provide a number of unique
  • Metal Electrodes
    Producing metal EDM electrodes is a Saturn specialty. Our matched knowledge and experience in working with metals has made us the industry's leading manufacturer of metal electrodes for EDM. Saturn offers a range of metal EDM electrodes in a variety of materials, including copper, copper tungsten
  • Portable Hardness Test Technology for Assessing Titanium Weld Quality (.pdf)
    Portable hardness testing technology was developed in this project and was based on an oxygen equivalent (OE) database for CP titanium weld metals. The database was created by testing the properties of full penetration autogenous welds made from a number of heats and using different welding
  • Determination of Water Hardness
    Originally the hardness of water was defined as the capacity of water for destroying the lather of soap. The hardness was determined by a titration with a standard soap solution. Metal ions including have the ability to cause hardness. However, today water hardness means the total calcium
  • Rockwell Hardness Testers
    The Rockwell test method is defined in ASTM E-18 and is the most commonly used hardness tester operation method since it is generally easier to perform and more accurate than other types of hardness testing. Rockwell hardness testers can be used on all metals except in conditions where the test

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