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  • Harmonic Drives ROI
    Harmonic Drive located in Peabody, MA is a leading manufacturer of precision gears, gearheads, servo actuators and motion control systems. The Pratt and Whitney Labmaster Universal has helped Harmonic Drive achieve the high precision they need. Accurate to 0.000002-inch (2 millionths of an inch
  • The Principles of Harmonic Drive TM Gearing
    The advantages of Harmonic Drive TM strain wave gear over other, more conventional gear trains are apparent. A simple three element construction combined with the unique principle of Harmonic Drive TM strain wave gear puts extremely high reduction ratio capabilities into a very compact
  • High Speed Harmonic Drive Gearing (.pdf)
    with higher speed option. Harmonic drive gearing is a popular choice for many automation applications because of its superior power transmission qualities, which include zero backlash, high torsional stiffness,high positional accuracy, and torque-to-weight ratios. Until recently, however, the lowest gear
  • Active Harmonic Filters vs. 18-Pulse Drives
    The following document will provide a comparison of 18-pulse drives with the use of 6-pulse drives combined with an active harmonic filter. However before we can compare these two systems we need to take time to give an overview how both of these different solutions work and can aid a facility
  • Effects of Harmonic Currents on Semiconductor Fuse Ratings
    paper described problems caused by premature opening of fuses in the a.c. line inputs to adjustable-speed drives which drew unusually high harmonic currents.
  • Solving DC Drive Harmonics with Matrix Harmonic Filters
    Matrix Filters may be used for phase controlled DC drive applications to improve power factor and reduce line harmonics. Application to DC drives is similar to AC drives with a few important differences in filter performance and the selection of the appropriate filter rating. The following
  • Design Considerations When Applying Various ASD Topologies to Meet Harmonic Compliance
    In order to limit the harmonic distortion. produced by Adjustable Speed Drives (ASD's),. manufacturers have introduced several methods of both. passive and active harmonic mitigation. Users of ASD's. however, who are faced with the various options often. find it difficult to select the most
  • Harmonic Mitigation of 12-pulse Drives with Unbalanced Input Line Voltages
  • Comparing Advanced Harmonic Filters with Traditional Multi-Pulse Solutions
    The term "harmonics" has often been used in connection. with variable frequency drives. But what are harmonics. anyway?

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