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  • Reducing Adjustable Frequency Drive (AFD)-caused Harmonics at Partial Loads
    interference (RFI). Chokes help filter out any high. harmful effects of harmonics. frequency noise that might otherwise be emitted. Harmonic Studies. from the drive through the power lines. When a harmonic study is undertaken, the demand Line Voltage and Current Transient Protection. current and harmonic
  • The Benefits of Designing & Testing a Low Resistance Grounding System
    operates on 5 V or less and is often subjected to higher steady-state transients. A properly designed low-resistance system can ensure the operation of critical equipment that often creates its own hazards, such as harmonics and transients. An additional benefit also comes in enhanced personnel safety
  • Medical Device Link . Design Technologies for Immunity to Electromagnetic Threats
    how to design sensitive devices to withstand various transient and steady-state radio-frequency (RF) immunity threats. Emission issues are also a major concern, especially with the use of higher-speed clock circuits. Electrostatic discharge test (IEC 801-2: 1991) being performed according to EN
  • Medical Device Link . Electromagnetic Compatibility in Microcontroller Applications Combining a number of options can reduce electromagnetic interference at the integrated-circuit level.
    switching transient noise current. The magnitude of the radiated field from this current is directly proportional to the magnitude of the current, I, and the loop area traversed by the current, A. Evenly distributing decoupling capacitance around the layout helps reduce the loop area of the higher
  • Design Considerations When Applying Various ASD Topologies to Meet Harmonic Compliance
    challenges in meeting compliance with. power system parameters, are addressed. Certifying Body harmonic requirements. Index Terms – Adjustable Speed Drives, ASD,. compatibility, distortion, harmonics, impedance, multipulse,. II. ANALYSIS THROUGH COMPUTER SIMULATION. passive filter, topologies, voltage
  • Challenges in Electric Power Measurement
    and power. The 107A-3 measures line-to-line voltages. 3.1 Special Functions. IEC1000-3-2: This function measures current harmonics h01 to h63 on three phases simultaneously averaged over 16 signal periods. By means of the Operating Software the harmonics are compared against standard limits and are marked
  • Medical Device Link .
    . EN 55014 for click noise. EN 55011. EN 55014 for click noise. Harmonics (IEC 61000-3-2/3/4/5). Immunity: ESD (IEC 801-2). 3 kV contact, 8kV air. ESD (IEC 61000-4-2). 2+4+6 kV contact, 2+4+8 kV air. Radiated Field (IEC 61000-4-3). 3 V/m , AM: 80%, 1 kHz (or special passband), special 1 V/m, 26 1000
  • Protecting Variable Frequency Drives
    the frequency of the signal to control the speed of the motor. Due to the action of the drive, the power quality of the electrical environment can be compromised. That is, the drives can create voltage surges and harmonics on the system. There are various technologies available that aid in correcting

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