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  • Nickel and Nickel Alloys-Image
    Nickel and Nickel Alloys - (450 companies)
    Nickel and nickel alloys are non-ferrous metals with high strength and toughness, excellent corrosion resistance, and superior elevated temperature properties. Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Powder Coatings - (66 companies)
    Powder Coatings Information. Powder coatings are powder materials that consist of pigmented thermoplastic particles. The powders are sprayed electrostatically onto components and then fused into a uniform and durable coating. Powder coatings... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Powder Testing Equipment - (59 companies)
    Powder Testing Equipment Information. Powder testing equipment is used to measure the static and dynamic properties of powders for pharmaceutical, coating, and other solid-particulate applications. Powders are collections of solid particles... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Glass Powders and Precursors - (18 companies)
    Glass powders and glass precursors typically consist of oxides with a random, liquid-like or non-crystalline molecular structure. Glass powders and glass precursors are used in a wide variety of applications, so they come in a range of particle... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Diamond Powders and Superabrasive Grains - (76 companies)
    Diamond powders and superabrasive grains include extreme-hardness abrasives such as synthetic diamond, natural diamonds, and cubic boron nitride (CBN). They are used in the polishing, finishing, grinding, and cutting of ultra-hard materials. Diamond... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Powder Production Equipment - (37 companies)
    Powder production equipment includes melt atomizers, plasma generators and CVD systems used to manufacture powders, nanoparticles, nanotubes, nanomaterials and other particulate materials. Powder Production Equipment Information. Powder production... Learn More
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    Metal Powders (powdered metals) - (223 companies)
    How to Select Metal Powders. Metal powders are finely divided or powdered metals used in fabricating sintered parts, thermal spraying, filling plastics, and other specialized applications. Powdered metals include most types of metals. Powder... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Nanoparticle and Powder Processing Services - (168 companies)
    Nanoparticle and powder processing services perform milling, crushing, classifying, screening, grading, atomizing, coating, or production of metal or chemical powders and nanomaterials on a contractual basis. How to Select Nanoparticle and Powder... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Powder Dryers - (51 companies)
    Powder dryers are devices which dry granular materials. How to Select Powder Dryers. Image Credit: Jaygo, Inc. | Labconco Corporation | Wyssmont Company, Inc. Powder dryers are devices used to dry granular materials, from free flowing powders... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Powder Coating Equipment - (138 companies)
    ...and fluidized bed systems. Electrostatic. Electrostatic coating charges paint droplets or coating powder particles and then sprays them toward a part with an opposite and attractive electric charge. Since the charged powders in the spray stream... Search by Specification | Learn More
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  • Fabrication of 3D components by laser-aided direct metal deposition
    � cladded for applications where a improved material performance is desired, such as Co base alloy on Cr-Ni-Ti base metal of nuclear valve seats [43], Hastelloy C - 22 (Ni-Cr-Mo base � � Fe-Al-Ti-C powder mixture on an austenitic �
  • ZNCTA2000P203
    Nickel alloy powders used to fabricate porous P/M parts are also produced by water and gas atomization. Examples include Hastelloy C - 22 , Inconel 600, Monel 400, and Hastelloy X alloys used in filtration and fluid flow control applications where improved corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, and/or strength is required.
  • Packaging of High Power Semiconductor Lasers
    Fig. 10.45 Illustration showing (a) coaxially fed powder laser cladding [53] and (b) wire-fed laser � Fig. 10.46 Print roller shaft clad with Hastelloy C - 22 [44] .
  • Corrosion of thermal spray hastelloy C-22 coatings in dilute HCl
    � or gaseous fuel such as propylene or kerosene to heat and accel- erate powder feedstock that is � A range of austenitic stainless steels and high Cr nickel alloys have been examined for corrosion resistance in geological dis- posal of spent nuclear fuel and high-level nuclear waste.[15-19] Hastelloy C - 22 (UNS N06022, Haynes International, Inc., Ko- komo �
  • Solid particle erosion resistance of ductile wrought superalloys and their weld overlay coatings
    in the interdendritic regions at the terminal stages of solidification [28], whereas Hastelloy C - 22 contains molybdenum-rich intermetallic , , and P phases [29]. The starting powder used for deposition of the iron aluminide exhibited the nominal Fe .
  • Production and Characterization of Carbonaceous Adsorbents from Biomass Wastes by Aqueous Phase Carbonization
    The feedstock was ground into powder (180� 425 �m) prior to the experiment. The biomass feedstock (Japanese cedar) and deion- ized water were put into a pressure vessel ( Hastelloy C - 22 , volume = 66 ml) at a ratio of 3 g: 30 ml.
  • Tech Spotlight: Porous Metal for Aerospace
    A scanning electron photomicrograph of a typical porous sintered metal powder material is shown in the Figure � Alloys include 316L stainless steel; Hastelloy B, C - 22 , C276, N, and X; Inconel 600, 625, and 690; Monel 400; nickel 200; alloy 20; and titanium.
  • Chromium (Cr) | AMERICAN ELEMENTS�
    � Copper Chromium Zirconium Alloy Powder � Hastelloy B Alloy � Hastelloy C - 22 Alloy .
  • Non?ferrous metals
    Numerouscases of successful use of Hastelloy alloys in flue gas desulfur- ization (FGD) systems and hazardous waste � � in Ni-base alloys and their use in FGD and other segmentsof the powder industry are discussed. alloy family, the C - 22 alloy has the best resistance to localized corrosion in halide envi- ronments(chloridelfluoride-containingsolutions).
  • Salt Fog Testing Iron-Based Amorphous Alloys
    These alloys can be produced as powder and can be deposited as coatings on any surface that � Other common engineering alloys such as 1018 carbon steel, 316L SS and Hastelloy C - 22 were also tested together with the amorphous coatings.

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