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  • Installation Guide for Hazardous Areas
    will never have enough energy available within the hazardous defined area to ignite any explosive or combustible mixture. This concept is applied to mixtures of gasses, dusts, or metals. Microsoft Word - Installation_Guide_Hazardous_Areas_040506.doc. Installation guide for hazardous areas
  • Static Electricity - The Hidden Danger in Hazardous Areas (.pdf)
    . in Hazardous Areas. National Fire Protection Association late on objects that are not at ground (earth) potential. (NFPA) codes and guidelines high-. In these cases, a significant potential (voltage) can. light safe working practices in haz-. develop and, depending on the characteristics of the. ardous
  • LED Lighting for Hazardous Locations (.pdf)
    light mixing are continuing. to make even higher quality LED lighting cost-effective for broader. commercialization. 3. LED LIGHTING FOR HAZARDOUS LOCATIONS. The market is still experiencing somewhat of a holdover in. for use in areas where flammable gases and vapors are present under. which
  • Controlling Static Electricity When Handling IBC's in Potentially Hazardous Atmospheres (.pdf)
    is that the IBC is conductive and has a. material. low resistance static dissipative connection to earth. This will. enable any surplus charges to flow immediately to ground from. Of particular interest is the assessment for managing the risk of. the hazardous area in a controlled manner. The standards
  • Light Curtains Initiate Machine Cycles
    a machine, for example. In a typical application, if the field or beams are broken a stop function is initiated in the machine and it is put into an interlock state removing any hazardous situations. Light curtains can perform perimeter guarding, preventing access to a hazardous area, or point
  • Muting Safety Light Curtains: Applications & Use (.pdf)
    sensors (see Figure 8). Figure 6. • Muting sensors S1 and S2 must be positioned such. that the point of intersection of the two beams is in the. Figure 8. hazardous area beyond the safety light curtain (see. Figure 7). • The 500 mm opaque cylindrical test object activates a. • A safety timer
  • Medical Device Link . The Light Stuff: Optical Imaging in Medical Diagnosis Optical science may light the way to radiation-free tissue analysis.
    , first developed the concept in 1991. Since then, Fujimoto and his colleagues have developed three general scenarios in which OCT might be clinically valuable. "The first is when standard biopsy is hazardous or impossible to perform," he says. "Second is when standard excisional biopsy has
  • Sensor sense: Safety Light Curtains
    beam, triggering the sensor. This "blocked " condition turns off the system's redundant, safety-rated outputs, providing a control-reliable stop signal to arrest hazardous motion before it can do harm to life or limb. The historical challenge for machine designers has been to integrate these needed

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