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  • Encoders for Hazardous Locations
    PAPER. Encoders Go Barrier-less in Hazardous Locations. By Allen Chasey. With today’s widespread demand for energy, oil exploration and. production are critical to the global economy. Drilling companies. and equipment manufacturers are continually looking for ways to. improve efficiency and save
  • Instrumentation Tray Cable and its Uses in Hazardous and Non-hazardous Locations (.pdf)
    . HAZARDOUS LOCATION. NON-HAZARDOUS. Class I, Division 1 or 2. LOCATION. <18”. ’. Explosion-proof Enclosure. <18”. <18”. <18. < ”. 18. 10. 8 ’. >18”. Assembly is equally important in these locations, as conduit must be constructed so that. arcing between the conduit and enclosures does not occur
  • LED Lighting for Hazardous Locations (.pdf)
    in semiconductors, optics, and materials, LED applications have grown exponentially. ./10d43c70-fabe-4a23-80f4-b50826eafe6e LED Lighting for Hazardous Locations. High-quality, environmentally friendly LED lighting has arrived. White Paper. May 2007. LED Lighting for Hazardous Locations. High-quality
  • Off-Grid Solar Installations - Hazardous Locations
    The Oil & Gas Industries have been major customers of the Off-Grid Solar Electric Industry for many years. At a recent training event-Choosing the Right Charge Controller for Off-Grid Solar Electric Systems-we learned that many of you want to learn more about "What the Hazardous Locations (Class 1
  • How To Choose The Correct Hazardous Location Approved Pressure Transmitter in the Oil & Gas Industry (.pdf)
    assemblies and Christmas trees require rugged and weatherproof pressure transmitters designed to meet the demanding requirements of a highly hazardous environment. To withstand this type of location, pressure transmitters must be of Intrinsically Safe, Explosion-Proof or Non-Incendive design
  • Linear Actuators built for Hazardous Locations
    GSX linear actuators from Exlar Corp., Chanhassen, Minn., are available with CSA Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D certification. This means they can be used in places near flammable gases and vapors.
  • White Paper- Calibration in Hazardous Locations (.pdf)
    Striking a match in an environment that contains combustible gas is nothing short of dangerous personal injury and property damage are likely consequences. Improperly calibrating an instrument in this hazardous environment can be almost as dangerous.
  • Enhanced Communication Between Field Devices and Automation Systems in Hazardous Locations (.doc)
    Distributed Control Systems available today offer advantages that were not available during the 1990's. Distributed I/O and Distributed Controllers with various data highways to interconnect afforded very attractive options. The desired advantage of any DCS is to minimize the length of cable runs,