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  • Network and Protocol Analyzers-Image
    Network and Protocol Analyzers - (142 companies)
    ...problems. Network analyzers monitor the traffic on a network. They collect information such as packet sizes, the number of packets, error packets, overall usage of a connection, the number of hosts and their MAC addresses, and details about... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Packet Generators-Image
    Packet Generators - (7 companies)
    Packet generators create a discrete chunk of communication in a pre-defined format. Packet Generators Information. Packet generators create a discrete chunk of communication in a predefined format. A packet is a data block containing a header... Learn More
  • Packet Switching Chips-Image
    Packet Switching Chips - (11 companies)
    Packet Switching Chips Information. Packet switching chips are communication integrated circuits (ICs) used in packet-switched networks to rout packets between network nodes. They are designed for local area networks (LAN), wide area networks (WAN... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Spectrum Analyzers and Signal Analyzers-Image
    Spectrum Analyzers and Signal Analyzers - (250 companies)
    The analyzer is usually an instrument based unit or pc-based unit. Test types performed by analyzers include modulation, distortion, and noise. Measuring the quality of the modulation is important for making sure a system is working properly... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Code Analyzer Software and Tools-Image
    Code Analyzer Software and Tools - (32 companies)
    Code analyzer software and tools enable programmers and quality assurance (QA) managers to check source code for compliance with established standards. These products are also useful for improving source code. Code analyzer software and tools enable... Learn More
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    Logic Analyzers - (76 companies)
    ...and an analysis of performance specifications. Logic analyzer suppliers are located across North America and around the world. They conform to a variety of approvals and certifications. For example, in Europe, logic analyzers often bear the CE Mark... Learn More
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    Bus Analyzers and Bus Exercisers - (24 companies)
    ...or separate portable units. Bus analyzers and bus exercisers are available as separate devices, although some multi-function devices are available that can perform both functions. Each analyzer or exerciser (or multi-function unit for that matter), however... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Combustion Analyzers - (156 companies)
    Combustion analyzers and flue gas analyzers measure the gas content of emissions in order to monitor the combustion efficiency of fuel-burning equipment. Combustion analyzers and flue gas analyzers measure the gas content of flue gas in order... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Texture Analyzers - (37 companies)
    Texture Analyzers Information. Texture analyzers evaluate the cohesiveness, spreadibility, fracturability, tackiness, gumminess, firmness, pliability, consistency and other texture characteristics of foods, rubber, foams, coatings, grease, asphalt... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Oil Sensors and Analyzers - (65 companies)
    Oil sensors and oil analyzers are used in automotive or industrial machinery applications to sense oil levels, and check for contamination, and particulates, viscosity and/or temperature. Oil Sensors and Analyzers Information. Oil sensors and oil... Learn More

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  • Guide to Voice and Video over IP
    Packets can be read and written in many different capture file formats such as tcpdump (libpcap), Pcap NG, Catapult … … Sniffer (compressed and uncom- pressed), Sniffer Pro, and NetXray, Network Instruments Observer, NetScreen snoop, Novell LANalyzer, RADCOM WAN/LAN Analyzer , Shomiti/Finisar Sur- veyor, Tektronix … Live data can be read from Ethernet, IEEE 802.11, PPP/ HDLC , ATM, Blue- tooth, USB, Token …
  • Packet Over SONET/SDH Protocol Analyzer Available from RADCOM
    POS encapsulates packets with HDLC framing over high-speed SONET and SDH connections. The analyzer offers: Line-rate capture and decoding of over 300 protocols, including TCP/IP, IPX, Frame Relay …
  • Transmission of system information and additional service data for digital HDTV broadcasting
    DTU accepts PSI/additional SI data as a HDLC frame format, and output the data in MPEG-2 … To verify the compliance of system information, MPEG-2 TS packet analyzer is con- nected to the output of remultiplexer to examine syntax and data values for each fields in the packet.
  • Integrated services digital network controller architecture based on parallel reconfigurable processor
    HDLC -decoder extracts data from the packet while CRC-decoder calculates packet check sum. Error packets are ignored; correct packets are passed into command analyzer unit.
  • Understanding the IEEE 1451 standard in 6loWPAN sensor networks
    Wireshark is a protocol analyzer used in data networks, software development, communication protocols and training in computer … In our tests, the details of each data packet passing through an IPv6 network have been examined … Under Linux, additional network support includes: Bluethooth, capture on synchronous links using Cisco HDLC encapsulation (CiscoHDLC), capture …
  • Asynchronous / Protocol Analyzers / Serial Data
    • HDLC • RS-232 Analyzers • Packet Analyzers .
  • Control / GL Communications Inc.
    … Multi-channel BERT, CAS Emulation, DSP operations, Dynamic DSP capability, SA Bits/ FDL/ HDLC / TRAU/ MC … CDMA2000 - Protocol Analyzer … and A7 (between two Base Station Controllers), A9 (between Base Station Controller and Packet Control Function), and …
  • Bluetooth protocol analyser | News | The Engineer
    An audio extension module allows audio data extracted from SCO packets to be played back or stored … … allowing network encapsulated data to be exported for viewing and analysis by software suchas Ethereal or Analyzer . The instrument supports Bluetooth protocol layers including L2CAP, SDP, TCS, RFCOMM, AT, HDLC , PPP, OBEX, BNEP, HCRP …
  • WireSpeed POS 622/155 Mbps Analyzer
    WireSpeed POS 622/155 Mbps Analyzer This product offers flexible TCP/IP packet building and accurate timestamp. … top applications, IP talkers, and listeners, as well as frame size distribution and IP and HDLC statistics.
  • Product Spotlights
    GL’s MC-MLPPP Analyzer can be used to capture and decode a host of PPP, Multi Link … Users can decode frames from the recorded trace files and playback using the included HDLC playback application. … Multi-Class Extension to Multi-Link PPP allows a sender to fragment the packets of various priorities …

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