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  • Fastener Failure Analysis: Automotive Hex Head Cap Screw Case
    consultancy and testing role in their analysis. Thirteen (13) fractured M20 Class 8.8 Hex Head Cap Screws were submitted for analysis with a request to perform the following tests. Visual examination, SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy), tensile testing, hardnessanalysis and chemical analysis.
  • Tips for Adjusting the Bit Guide of a MSP Screw Presenter
    with the screw head and the fastener is removed, then another screw automatically dispenses to the bit guide and is ready for an easy pick-up. No fumbling with screws.
  • Turn of the Screw: Rolled & Ground Types Inch Closer Together
    . Rather than going to head-to-head with ground screws, though, Nook says that it will target the market served by servo-hydraulics, which involves high loads, high speeds, and precision motion. Though the company won't release the new rolled screws until this summer, it's currently Beta-testing them
  • Dimensions of Counterbores & Bolt Holes for Socket Head Cap Screws per JIS B 1176:1998 (.pdf)
    When designing a mechanism, there may be a requirement to secure two components. This is typically done using socket head cap screws. The enclosed table details the standardize sizes of the required holes to accept the commonly used metric screw sizes.
  • Automotive stainless fastener needing high corrosion resistance.
    The customer needed to brighten the parts,. but also needed to enhance the corrosion resistance because. of the application and environment. The unique. problem associated with this part is that the washer is. captive but not attached to the head of the screw. With the assembly comprised of two
  • Illustration software helps design manuals
    curves and ellipses. Curves represent the threads and ellipses make up part of the head and the end of the screw. Moving a grouped PCB (the dotted square) close to a line shows the snap location it will lock to, in this case the midpoint of the line. A guide line (the straight line) is used to line up
  • Plastics Consultancy Network - Profile and sheet extrusion
    line begins with the hopper which holds the plastic material (in either powder or granule form). The hopper continuously feeds the material to a heated barrel which contains a rotating screw. This screw transports the polymer to the die head and simultaneously the material is heated, mixed
  • Making Connections - Terminating the Wiring
    There are many ways to terminate a wire: soldering; crimping; under. the head of a terminal strip screw; welding...all can be successful in. forming a good, gas-tight connection. While each has its place, they all. require low resistance consistent with circuit demands. This means the. conductors
  • Washers
    known as plain washers, provide a bearing surface for a nut or screw head, cover large clearance holes, and distribute fastener loads over a large area, particularly on soft materials. This, in turn, reduces contact stresses and can thus reduce relaxation. Two types of washers are defined for general
  • Utilization of Pressure Transducers for Improved Control of the Extrusion Process
    of 1% can result in a change f up to 3% in the extruder output. (2) Changes in head pressure can indicate the condition of the screen pack, die or heater troubles, screw/barrel wear or damage, material feed problems and start-up or shutdown related problems. (3) In general, improved production
  • What's It Worth?
    to repair something I could have replaced for less than a dollar. "I've almost got it, " I said, without looking up. She walked away, shaking her head. I dropped the tiny screw I'd been trying to get back in--for the tenth or eleventh time. I took a deep breath, rubbed my eyes, and sat quietly
  • Torque limiters get fillers out of a jam
    Model 500 H-TLC torque limiter protects the bottle height adjuster mechanism from overload. A Nylatron GS and Delrin housing resists corrosives and needs no special maintenance or lubrication. The Zero-Max Torque Tender protects the timing screw drive from overload and jam-ups by instantly
  • When to go Linear
    to direction and distance. This magnetic linear encoder has a band containing magnetic particles periodically magnetized north and south to form sinewaveshaped magnetic fields. A noncontact sensor or read head scans the magnetic fields generating two output signals. The signals determine
  • Online expert runs your FEA
    Small and midsized companies may not afford to keep a full-time FEA expert on staff. The bracket assembly has been stress analyzed for a load on the Allen-head hex screw. The table shows three of four results requested by the designer in columns to the lower right. The showed high stresses
  • Coarse and fine combined
    New actuators can traverse both long distances and subnanometer increments with equal ease. Among the applications for ceramic servomotors are hard-disk certification tools (top). Here a ceramic servo moves a singleaxis stage controlling a read/write head. The motors are also widely applied
  • Backtalk - 7/24/2008
    forces on downwind legs and in the lighter winds that we expect in Beijing, " said Mikko Brummer, head of R &D at WB-Sails. Unlike other programs they tested, EFD.Lab provided the direct CAD-to-CFD technology and automatic- mesh generation needed for fast turnaround times. The program also threw