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  • Heat Control Using a Brainchild Chart Recorder and an Analog Output Card
    CAS DataLoggers recently provided the postsale technical solution for a seafood distributor who ordered a Brainchild VR-06 Paperless Chart Recorder to both record and control the temperature in a large oven. The oven was heated by hot water, and the control came from an iris valve.
  • Control & Monitoring of Heat Distribution
    and control key system points like boiler rooms and heat transfer stations, and the remote heat meters at customer locations must be able to report their data to the invoice processing software in the central office
  • Case Study: Heat Staking
    on plastic assemblies. Different heat levels for varying welding conditions can be accomplished on a single fixture. The ability to place the infrared heaters in various positions makes it possible to weld multiple surfaces in one setup. Because the infrared heat source does not touch the part
  • Plate Heat Exchangers
    Plate heat exchangers are often used in low-viscous applications with moderate demands on operating temperatures and pressures, typically below 150° C. Gasket material is chosen to withstand both the operating temperature and the properties of the processing fluid. The most common type of plate
  • White Paper: Using Humidity Control in Heat Processing
    Often, it's necessary to do more than simply adding heat to a product to achieve the desired result in heat processing applications. Sometimes it's beneficial to increase and control the relative humidity to reduce the drying effect of convection heating. This article explains the techniques
  • More light, less heat
    Laser light rather than heat can strip hydrogen atoms from silicon surfaces, sayresearchers at the University of Minnesota, Vanderbilt, the University ofTennessee, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The breakthrough could lowercosts and boost quality of computer chips and solar cells
  • Managing Heat Transfer With Potting Compounds
    and require additional power to operate. Molded plastics are used in place of metal enclosures due to cost control and weight savings. In most cases, these plastics are not as effective at transferring heat away from its source. Thermally conductive potting compounds are an effective way to control
  • Induction Heat Treatment of Steel Bars
    the heat treatment process. But there is a better way: inline heat treatment.
  • New meaning for sticky summer heat
    High temperatures and humidity can wreak havoc on assemblies bonded with pressure-sensitive adhesives. During each manufacturing step of the release liner, and the creation of the pressuresensitive adhesive system, it is necessary to minimize the applied heat the paper sees and to remoisturize
  • Controlling a Heat-Sealing Process That Takes Less Than 1 Second
    A medical manufacturer needed to find a way to control the heat sealing of plastic bags and pouches containing sterilized supplies. If the sealing equipment did not apply enough heat, a hermetic seal would not be achieved. If the equipment applied too much heat, the plastic would discolor and even

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