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  • Gas Leak Detector-Application Note: COMPRESSOR STATIONS
    compressor equipment to high. stresses. For example, vibration and heat from. nearby machinery can produce cracks on seals and. flanges. Hydrogen sulfide, liquids, and undesirable. particles in the natural gas stream can corrode. pipelines and degrade components. Over time,. prolonged exposure
  • Portable Leak Detection Instrument Improves Heat Rate at Electric Power Plant.
    By using a ruggedized portable ultrasonic leak detector, Mr. Brian Thorp, PdM Technician for Seminole Electric has been able to provide quick leak detection and repair on an aging steam condenser, allowing the utility to provide maximum power during high demand periods. Seminole Electric
  • How Do Thermal Imaging Infrared Cameras Work
    , or measured, allowing you to not only monitor thermal performance, but also identify and evaluate the relative severity of heat-related problems. Recent innovations, particularly detector technology, the incorporation of built-in visual imaging, automatic functionality, and infrared software
  • Thermography Enhances the Capabilities of Laser Transmission Welding (.pdf)
    . Using an FPA detector with a spectral sensitivity of 3.4 to 5 µm, the heat conduction during the welding process of flexible flat cables is monitored. The influence of copper parts within the cable on the welding properties is analyzed. A different setup offers the possibility to measure
  • Temperature Sensor Strategies Keep System Thermal Problems in Check
    are primary considerations; sensor cost is a secondary issue. System thermal management schemes, on the other hand, regulate the creation (and/or disposal) of heat within the system. Examples of system thermal management applications are CPU over-temperature detectors in personal computers and thermal
  • IR vision: more than meets the eye
    Machine-vision experts say infrared can spot defects better than ordinary cameras or the naked eye. Infrared detectors complement the visible-light spectrum of machine-vision equipment with images of heat sources located on or just below (about 0.001 in.) the surface of an object. Although
  • Short-wave IR imaging invades machine vision
    detectors use reflected light to generate high-resolution images. IR cameras, by contrast, sense heat only, producing lower-resolution images. Although InGaAs cameras and arrays are as simple to operate as silicon CMOS imagers, they look at a different wavelength band which
  • Medical Device Link .
    this powerful approach of simultaneous modeling and experimentation. The large surface-to-volume ratio that is characteristic of microdevices frequently leads to unexpected process behavior. For example, microvolumes of physiological fluids evaporate, cool, and heat extremely rapidly. Modeling often
  • Advances in Thermal Dispersion Mass Flow Meter Accuracy (.pdf)
    Thermal flow measuring technology has come a long way since the introduction of thermocouple technology and early hot wire anemometers. Thermal technologies depend on heat transfer and traditionally operate on differential temperature measurements between two temperature sensitive materials
  • Fusion welding joins dissimilar metals in a flash
    process instantly welds 0.016-in. diameter, 0.75-in.-length tin-plated Kovar leads to iridium cans, housing preassembled motion detectors with Mil-spec reliability. Nearly instantaneous, heat-free welds make all this possible. Fusion welding is best described as a controlled shortcircuit. The power