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Parts by Number for Heat Economizer Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
3250 Global Industrial Intellidyne Llc Not Provided Intellidyne ® Residential Hot Water Heating System Fuel Economizer Hw+ 3250
3300 Global Industrial Intellidyne Llc Not Provided Intellidyne ® Residential Forced Air Heating System Fuel Economizer Fa 3300
1120 Global Industrial Intellidyne Llc Not Provided Intellidyne ® Light Commercial Steam Heating System Fuel Economizer Lcs 1120

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  • Economizer
    The function of the economizer is as its name implies, to economize or save on cooling costs. Obviously, it costs money to operate the compressor. If the compressor can be shut down and the system still provide adequate cooling, energy savings can be realized. Heat internal to the building
  • Air-to-Water Heat Exchanger Reduces Operating Costs by $120,000 per Year
    on the detailed site inspection report. The work included a control package upgrade and a new hot gas bypass damper. To address the energy recovery requirements at the new facility, a new economizer was installed between the oxidizer and exhaust stack to transfer heat to water. The exhaust heat
  • Damper Applications Guide: Constant Volume Damper and Actuator Characteristics (.pdf)
    temperature, which increases the operating cost. However, too high pres-. sure causes exfiltration, which increases the heat losses. Also, an incorrect pressurization may cause damages to the building struc-. ture due to condensation, freezing etc. See Fig. 1. I-B. Indoor Air Quality. The indoor air quality
  • Field Applications: Keeping Your Enclosure Cool
    An important but often overlooked aspect of electronic and electrical equipment performance is how well the equipment dissipates heat. Such equipment has specific operating temperature ranges and when put inside of cabinets and enclosures, temperature can become a big issue. Excessive waste heat
  • White Paper: Five Strategies for Cutting Data Center Energy Costs Through Enhanced Cooling Efficiency
    technologies, such as variable capacity systems and improved controls, are driving. increased efficiency of room air conditioning systems. 5. Bringing cooling closer to the source of heat. Supplemental cooling systems bring cooling closer to the source of heat, reducing the. amount of energy required
  • 270-Volt DC Contactor Solves Costs vs Performance Problems
    solutions exist, but one contactor technology succeeds in resolving all of the obstacles: weight, high heat, safety, cost and performance. The "more electric aircraft" is rapidly evolving. New aircraft designs are increasingly forsaking heavy, maintenance-intensive and (in combat) vulnerable
  • White Paper: Data Center Users' Group Special Report Energy efficiency and capacity concerns increase
    . 45.7%. Availability (uptime). Heat density (cooling). 34.8%. Power density. 27.4%. Space constraints/growth. 23.2%. Technology changes/change management. 20.7%. Security (physical or virtual). 17.1%. Data Center consolidations. 14.6%. Data Storage. 10.4%. Regulatory compliance. 6.7%. Other, please
  • Forced-Circulation Steam Generators for SAGD Applications
    a feedwater pump to the economizer and into the steam drum. (In the OTSG, there is no. steam drum.) What is new in this design, compared to a drum boiler or OTSG, is the recirculation pumps. These. pumps draw water from the steam drum and push it through the heat transfer circuits (furnace

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