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  • An Old Quality Lesson From Failure of a New Heat Exchanger (.pdf)
    . exchangers have zirconium tubes and carbon steel shells with a double tube sheet design. HX1 and. HX2 are condensers and HX3 is a cooler. The knock-out pot is fabricated from Zr 702. The reactor. and piping are glass-lined. The failed heat exchanger is HX2. The specific process conditions lead
  • Heat Exchanger Retrofit
    production could begin. During the six hours of warm-up, the oxidizer had to be supplied with natural gas. This tremendous fuel consumption led to extremely high operating costs. Anguil's internal inspection revealed major damage to the heat exchanger. A third of the front tubes had separated from
  • Nondestructive Testing of Nonferrous Tubes, In Particular Copper Tubes
    as regards quantity and as regards the test requirements. Most of these products are used for piping, heat exchangers, air-conditioning and cooling. The need for testing, both as regards quantity and as regards requirements, increases as tube dimensions decrease. There are a number of standards
  • Nuclear Weld Inspections
    Combustion Engineering. designed a system to remotely. repair coolant tubes in heat. exchangers. The process called. for inserting new liner tubes into. old corroded tubes and to weld. the top and bottom of each liner. tube. The difficult part was to. inspect the weld when the. heat exchanger
  • Air-to-Water Heat Exchanger Reduces Operating Costs by $120,000 per Year
    and fin style heat exchanger with access doors for inspecting and cleaning of the tubes. The exhaust flow from the catalytic oxidizer is 5,400 SCFM and the temperature is 450°F. Roughly 160 GPM of water is heated to 140°F with the economizer. The total energy recovered is 1.43 MM BTU/hr
  • Tube to Tubesheet Joints: The Many Choices (.pdf)
    solid, explosion clad or loose lined. Other factors to consider are whether or. not to seal weld, expand only, strength weld or use some combination of these and what should be. sequence of events during proof testing and inspection. KEYWORDS. Seal welding, tube-to-tubesheet welds, heat exchanger
  • ARMEX (R) Cleaning and Coating Removal Systems Can Take the Heat at DOW
    difficult cleaning problem when it clogs the tubes of heat exchangers. Heat exchangers are bundles of hollow metal tubes roughly 6 feet long, with the diameter of each tube bundle being about 30 inches. They are covered with literally hundreds of small slit vents. Each time they required cleaning
  • Inspection and Repair of Zirconium Equipment During Turnaround (.pdf)
    of these fixed tubesheet heat exchangers has Zirconium 702 tubes,. rolled and seal welded into a 702 clad tubesheet. Condensate is on the shell side and acetic acid on the. tubeside of this exchanger. The failures observed were multiple through wall cracks to the carbon steel. shell caused by a high

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