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  • Thermal Modeling of Heat Sinks
    Heat sinks transfer generated heat in an electric system away from the active and passive electronic components and toward the ambient environment. This article describes thermal management via temperature distribution and heat flow simulation using CST MPHYSICS (R) STUDIO.
  • Heat Exchangers
    Unwanted heat is a problem for all hydraulic systems. Even a well-designed system operating at top efficiency converts about 20% of its input power to heat. An inefficient system, or one poorly matched to its task, may convert nearly 100% of input power to heat at certain times in the cycle
  • Solving for heat, stress, flow, and more
    A few guidelines help handle complex simulation problems with modern analysis software. The sooner an engineering team understands the physical processes behind a proposed product, the sooner its problems can be identified and solved. These problems can be a combination of heat, stress, flow
  • Plate Heat Exchangers
    . The gasket arrangement of each plate distributes the hot and cold media into alternating flow channels throughout the plate pack. In all cases, hot and cold fluids flow counter to each other. Other types of heat exchangers are categorized as brazed, welded, and semi-weld or hybrid. Brazed plate heat
  • Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
    of shell and tube heat exchangers, including U-tube, straight, spiral, and finned tube. The U-tube design consists of straight length tubes bent into a U-shape. The bundle is fitted with tube supports or flow baffles, depending upon the fluid outside the tubes. The tube assembly is placed in a shell
  • Software takes the heat off electronics
    as accessories such as power supplies, front panels, end monitors, and extender boards. We use Flotherm to calculate air velocities and flow rates over slots and cards and for detailed heat-transfer analysis of embedded-chassis designs. When developing a chassis to be used with high-capacity, high-power
  • Finding R-Values of Stud Frame Constructed Houses with IR Thermography (.pdf)
    One can calculate the R-Value for an exterior wall segment by estimating the heat flow between the interior of a room and the interior wall surface. In steady state heat transfer conditions, all the heat that flows to the wall flows through the wall. Quantifying the heat flow through the "air film
  • Designing Heat Meters Using PIC16F9XX Microcontrollers
    TB1092 Designing Heat Meters using PIC16F9XX Microcontrollers Water meters output in three forms: cubic feet, gallons Author: Rodger Richey and Ezana Haile or cubic meters. We need to calculate the mass flow Microchip Technology Inc. rate in terms of kilograms per second for use in our heat

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