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IHS SmartPM   IHS ESDU Engineering Analysis Software the development of optimum predictive maintenance schedules to the assessment of the economic and environmental performance benefits of revamps and even network re-design. SmartPM ’s advanced data reconciliation and dynamic crude oil fouling modeling is used for: Preheat train (PHT) simulation. Cleaning...
2D/3D Electromagnetic Field Simulation Software - MagNet v7   Infolytica Corporation Modeling and Simulation Software 2D/3D ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD SIMULATION SOFTWARE. PREDICTING PERFORMANCE FOR BETTER DESIGNS. MagNet v7 2D/3D simulation software for electromagnetic fields let's you rapidly model and predict the performance of any electromagnetic or electromechanical device: Electric Motors/Generators. Magnetic...
Intelligent Sootblower Scheduling For Improved Boiler Operation - POWID 1999   International Society of Automation (ISA) Standards and Technical Documents methodologies of dynamically scheduling sootblower sequences are proposed. Software tools for neural network modeling and automated sootblower sequence operation are also discussed. We show some preliminary process data analysis in the end...
FloVENT ®   Mentor Graphics - Mechanical Analysis Computational Fluid Dynamics Software (CFD) airflow modeling consultancy, you can meet the daily challenges of predicting airflow patterns and thermal effects to maximize contamination control and reduce operating costs more confidently and productively than ever before.
MEMS Module   COMSOL, Inc. Engineering Analysis Software The design and modeling of microscale electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) is a unique engineering discipline. At small length scales, designs must consider the effects of several physical phenomena. For example: electromagnetic-structural, thermal-structural, and fluid-structural interactions (FSI...
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  • Heat Exchanger Design using CCTHERM Software (.pdf)
    Chemical Engineering”. Document Outline. ��. ��. ��. ��. ��. ��. ��. ��. ��. ��. ��. ��. Input General Info. Input Modeling Methods. Input Design Options. Input Tube Specifications. Input Baffle Specifications. Input Shell Specifications. Input Nozzle Specifications. Input Material Specifications
  • Software takes the heat off electronics
    -dissipating 6U VME or Compact PCI-based electronics, the first step was to model the enclosure and circuit card. Flotherm's extensive materials library came in handy while modeling the enclosure because it contains a wide range of common alloys. We primarily design around plug-in
  • Modeling Unsteady State Processes with CHEMCAD Steady State Simulation Tools (.pdf)
    We Handle the Concept of Time. Representing Volume Using a Rate. Dependence on Visual Basic (Unsteady. State Modeling). 3 Example Cases. Hot Water Tank (simple case). Acid – Base Neutralization. Evaporation Simulation. Simple Case - Defined. Simulation
  • I Was So Naïve When It Came to Buying CFD Software
    answers to this question. line and in magazine articles, about others who have. had this same experience. 1. Since we can do more, we expect more. ____________________________________. I’d be remiss to imply that the difficulties we. have with modeling and simulating today are the. CFD codes
  • Metallurgical Insights for Induction Heat Treaters. Part 5: Super-Hardening Phenomenon (.pdf)
    and through hard-. science, metallurgy,. hardening is to provide a marten-. ening. Figure 2 shows a compar-. electromagnetics, heat. sitic layer on surface areas (external. ison of typical hardness profiles. treating, computer. modeling, and process. and/or internal) of the workpiece. after induction
  • Modeling of Carbon Steel-duplex Stainless Steel GTA Weld Pool
    The fluid flow and heat transfer in dissimilar spot gas tungsten arc weld-. ing (GTAW) of carbon steel to duplex stainless steel is numerically simulated. in this research study. A three-dimensional (3D) model, which considers the. differences in the material properties of the base metals
  • Analysis of HVAC System and Building Performance Utilizing IR, Physical Measurements and CFD Modeling
    , and modeled using CFD (computational fluid dynamics) software for both air flow and heat transfer. Information from the measurements provided the data that allowed development of a comprehensive CFD model of the air and heat flows in the building, which in turn, gave a visual illustration of the air paths
  • Unsteady-State Simulation using CHEMCAD Steady-State (.ppt)
    Chemical engineers at PROCESS Engineering Associates have completed many chemical process modeling and simulation projects that have successfully optimize client's operations. CHEMCAD is an extremely powerful software package for process modeling and simulations. The engineers at PROCESS

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