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TFD 3-21   Despatch Industries Ovens (Industrial) TA and TF Walk-In Ovens and Truck-In Ovens. The TA and TF Walk-In Ovens and Truck-In Ovens are designed for industrial process versatility and dependability. Typical applications include aging, bonding, curing, drying, baking, heat treating, annealing and stress-relieving. Despatch ’s design...

Conduct Research of flexibility in terms of. u Sterilization/Depyrogenation u Burn-In. process variables such as temperature or dwell (soak) time. u Laboratory Testing u Heat Treating. u Clean Process Production u Drying. u Shrink Fitting u Aging. Despatch manufactures high tolerance, high performance ovens... line-of-sight. "Hidden areas ". will be heated only by conduction through the material. It should be noted that metallic parts conduct heat very rapidly to hidden areas, and a. properly designed IR oven uses a “booster” section up front and gives the part soak time. to conduct through the part. Even...

...and then finished with a 3-minute oven soak. In Phase I tests, single and multiple layers of material were installed to test the effect of varying the material thickness. Because HF18 requires high-voltage testing, the samples were slowly powered to the peak voltage and then held at that voltage...

heat exposure of the. smaller paste deposits and temperature sensitive components. Another benefit of the soak profile was its utilization to reduce. voiding; however, it is not as effective with lead-free solders. due to the increased surface tension of lead-free solders and. the higher temperature...

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